A Letter To My Body

Dear Body,

Wow. We've been through a lot. I'm so sorry. I feel so deeply with you. You've been through a lot of pain, torture, and trauma. All I can say is I'm so sorry.

I'm in a weird place. I feel like it's been me against you with the eating disorder in my past and then we made up and connected back to each other and then you turned around and betrayed me. Almost like a punishment.

For all the years I've put you through hell you turn around and prove to me that I in someway did this to myself. Maybe I did create this and maybe I didn't. Maybe we've been on the same side the whole time. Maybe we are in this life together and you are just as scared as I am. You go through your own shit that you didn't ask for. Maybe it's not either of our faults and we can just give this one over to the Universe/God.

We don't need to battle anymore. We are on the same team. We have been the entire time. We just didn't see it. Life and circumstances just happen. AND they happen for our highest good. As hard as that is to say, this life, for the both of us was meant to be.

I just want to love you and make you feel good. To be supported and taken care of. To feel safe with the soul that you house every single day. Let's make a pact.

Let's not blame each other for anything. It's us together experiencing life. I will guide us in the best way I know how and you keep on functioning the best way you know how. We get to have each other's back and take care of each other and know that when something happens that feels like we cannot survive, we band together closer than ever because we know that's when we need each other the most.

We will get through life's challenges together from here on out without any blame. Thank you body for helping me survive each day. I will keep trusting and listening to what you need and I will deliver. I'm sorry I didn't see this sooner.

If I only knew you have always wanted what's best for me; that you were never against me and never will be. I know now. Heal me, love me, support me, and I will do the same.

Love, Lauren 💗

Ps. Write a letter to your body and tag me or send me an email: lauren@thebodylovetribe.com. I would love for you to share. xx