3 Ways to Love Yourself Right Now


There are so many important components when it comes to learning how to be an intuitive eater. Learning the 10 principles, learning about food neutrality, constantly shifting your mindset out of the diet mentality... doing all this can change your life in so many ways and can absolutely help you find your freedom from food. 

This is all wonderful but I want to share another part of the equation that is sometimes put on the back burner...

S E L F - L O V E. 

That's right. Self-love is equally important when learning how to ditch the diet and become an intuitive eater. 

I want to share 3 ways to love yourself right now: 


One of the first things that helped me on my self-love journey was diving into some amazing books- seriously life changing. I would love to share some of my favorite self-love books with you so you can find one that resonates with you... 


Check out these books and see which one speaks to you the most and READ IT! 



One of the best things I ever did for myself was stick to a morning and nighttime routine. This allowed me to focus on my self-love journey everyday. It started my day off and ended my day with some positive energy and good feelings all around. 

So what did I do? 

Every morning when I woke up I would grab my journal next to my bedside. I skipped checking my phone- first things first was to get some thoughts on paper. 

+ I started with writing down all the positive things that were going to happen in my day. It was as if I was manifesting my day. Sharing all the good feelings I wanted to feel and all the good things I wanted to happen. I put them out there into the Universe! 

+ I wrote down 5 things I was grateful for. It could be anything from family and friends to drinking coffee and having fresh sunflowers in my home. I also wrote down 5 affirmations. Ex. I AM BEAUTIFUL, I AM POWERFUL. 

+Lastly I wrote down 5 things I loved about myself- It could have been. "I love my strong legs because they allowed me to be an awesome athlete." "I love my compassion and my kindness." ANYTHING works, this is not an assignment you can get wrong. 

The more you manifest positive things into your life and the more you have awareness for the things you are grateful for and what you love about yourself you will see shifts in your life that would have never been possible if you didn't focus on them! 

At the end of the day before I went to bed.... 

+ I would read a chapter of my book and reflect in my journal. 

+Fall asleep to a meditation. This is my favorite one.

I'm sharing with you what I did but this doesn't mean this is how you have to do it. Find any morning and nighttime routine that works for you! 


I love this analogy. Check in with yourself as if you are at a restaurant. When you are dining somewhere- the waiter/ waitress is always checking in asking if "you need anything." They do this multiple times throughout your meal at the restaurant because they want to make sure you are feeling good and all your needs are met. 

This is what you get to do everyday with yourself! Keep checking in throughout the day and ask: "What do I need right now?" Make sure to honor yourself and honor your needs everyday- this is a beautiful way to show yourself tons of self-love.


Want more support with self-love and intuitive eating? 
Check out The Body Love Society


With LOVE,

Ps. Have any questions? Send me an email: lauren@thebodylovetribe.com