Why Join The Body Love Society?

For anyone who doesn't know what The Body Love Society is it's an affordable + effective group coaching program that focuses on ditching the diet for good created by the lovely Jenna Free (@youaintyourweight) and myself ! It's a 6 month course that allows you to learn about intuitive eating and self-love; a beautifully healing program :) 

So, why join The Body Love Society? 

1. Learn all the principles of intuitive eating

There are 10 life changing principles when it comes to intuitive eating and during this course we address every single one of them. We really get you well educated on how to eat with intuition. When you learn this new way of eating it means that you will never have to diet again. Intuitive eating teaches you how to eat what you want without the guilt while giving your body exactly what it needs. 

2. Learn about self-love + self-care

You may think that the only part of the equation when it comes to ditching the diet is about learning how to have a healthier relationship with food. YES!  Although it's an extremely important part of the equation I truly believe that the only way to fully heal any disordered eating, the other part of the equation gets to be dealt with which is all about self-love love and self-care! We dedicate an entire coaching call to it and give you the tips and tools you need to make it happen! 

3. Learn how to ditch the diet for good

If you have been dieting forever, you feel stuck, and you just don't know what else to do then this is the course for you. We are a one stop shop to literally give you the exact tools to help you break free from the diets- we help you repair your relationship with food and your body image. All those voices that won't stop spiraling in your head about food and your body will be handled. This course it perfectly designed to seriously ditch the diet! 

4. Be coached by 2 anti-diet + body love experts

No only do you get one but you get 2 coaches :) Two heads are better than one! Which is why Jenna and I have come together to create this beautiful program for women who are struggling with their diet voices and negative self-talk about their body. We both were stuck in the diet/ disordered eating world for 10+ years so we have tons of experience- we have been in the exact place that you are in now so we know how to coach and navigate you out of the darkness and misery the diet world keeps you in. We got your back! 

5. Have a sisterhood support group

We have created a private Facebook group for all ladies who are a part of The Body Love Society. It's a place that you can turn to for support and have a group of like-minded women going through the same thing you are. You truly feel like you are never alone on this journey. Not to mention Jenna and I are in the group so you always have access to us- lots of extra coaching and Facebook Lives go down in the group so it truly does feel like constant support! 

6. Extremely affordable

For the amount of value that you are getting from this course the cost of this program is amazing. With 2 coaching calls a month, 2 Facebook Live Q&A's a month, bonus videos, constant support in the FB group, + more the program is only 6 payments of $149. (for now at least!) This is our intro price so prices do go up. You will not see this amount of value with such an affordable price anywhere else. Jenna and I are passionate about this program we created so we wanted to make sure everyone could have access to it! 

7. Find your freedom

Freedom is everything to me. I felt so trapped in my eating disorder that I never could even imagine the place where I am today. There was so much darkness and misery it just didn't seem possible. BUT IT IS! This course will lead you on your way to freedom! 

8. UNLEARN the diet rules + RELEARN intuition

We have been brain washed by our diet culture so no wonder it's so hard to get out and stay out. So that's where Jenna and I come into play- we constantly lead your mind into a new way of thinking. We help you UNLEARN everything that you think to be true about dieting and then help you RELEARN how to use your intuition and enjoy food again! 

9. Stop waiting for your life to happen! 

We have found that many women who start this program have been waiting to do magical things in their life- they believe they need their body to change before they can do the things they have always wanted to do. That stops here! In this program, there is no more waiting- you get to live your life NOW! That bathing suit, that career, that relationship, etc. is YOURS today. The size of your body has NOTHING to do with your worth. We teach you that you are already enough. 

10. Move with Love

Not only does this course focus on repairing your relationship with food, it also focuses on repairing your relationship with exercise. We teach you how to move with love. To find ways you enjoy moving your body. We grant you permission to never ever go on a run again if you hate it (or maybe you love it!?) The point is that you don't have to force your body into workouts that you just flat out hate. It's time to get to a healthy place with working out and find the joy in movement. Not to see it as a form of weight loss, burning calories, or a type of punishment. It's a form of self-love and ways to make your mind, body, and soul feel good! 

When you get into The Body Love Society you also get lots of bonuses- 2 of those bonuses include a Crush Your Cravings + Perfect Your Portions video. These are power packed videos that give you the tools to figure out how to handle your cravings and your portions WITHOUT dieting! 

There are tons and tons and tons of more benefits by joining The Body Love Society. 

One month into our 1st program we ever ran one of our ladies, Brandi, posted in the private Facebook group saying: 

I’m really so thankful for this group, I feel like slowly I’m getting my life back. Jenna and Lauren you are saving lives ladies! Every damn day you take us closer to happiness!
I’m so grateful that I could order an iced caramel macchiato and tomato mozzarella basil panini at Starbucks without looking up nutrition facts or stressing about the carbs in it all.

That was said only one month into our 6month program! Imagine how Brandi is going to feel once she completes The Body Love Society. :) 

We are so thrilled to bring on our next group of ladies starting in June 2017! 

You can reserve your spot today- save it here!


If you would like to set up a 15 minute consultation call with me to learn more about our program you can do that here.  Feel free to email me as well if you don't find a time that works for you: lauren@thebodylovetribe.com

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With love + support! 

Ps. Get your ditch the diet manifestation worksheet here!