What's 1 thing you would do in life if food + body image wasn't an issue?

Last week I wrote in The Body Love Tribe Private FB group: (click to join)

What's 1 thing you would do in life if food + body image wasn't an issue?

There are so many parallels in each answer that I thought it would be powerful to share. 


Each one of these answers are to be anonymous: 


  • Wear shorts!! I feel like I rarely, if ever, do!
  • Lay out by the pool or at the beach on the weekends. Wear shorts is a good one too.
  • Wear a crop top in public.
  • I have been struggling with my arms lately, the lean muscle I once had, is now fat and cellulite. So I guess wear sleeveless tops.
  •  Form fitting clothes
  • Pursue health, well until recently. It is hard when I fight myself mentally to eat the things I know are healthy i.e. Pressed organic juices. All I hear in my mind is how many carbs it is and I shouldn't be drinking it but I let my health (autoimmune disorders) get out of control because I was obsessed with counting macros and eating mostly low carb/low calorie crap food. I let go this week. I've been drinking juices and feeling better than I have in a long time!
  • Wear a bikini, crop top, shorts...etc
  • Wear a swimsuit. It's a combination of scars, stretch marks, and skin picking in general :( but some day I hope.
  •  Go to formal events.
  • I want to wear a bikini, go to a warm and beautiful place and drink nice cold drinks. Because I am really afraid to show my belly and scars to others. And I don't like to eat or drink in public.
  • Enjoy holidays without restriction or the need to exercise.
  • Go back to Oahu, where I grew up.. I haven't been back in 17 years because of body image.
  • Not go to the gym as often !!
  •  Go out more with friends and my husband...I'm always analyzing who will be there and if I have something to wear that won't make me feel as big as a house.
  • First, I want to thank all the ladies who shared their answers in the group. It's not always easy being vulnerable. I also like to say that vulnerability is power and a gateway to healing. 

A note to all of you ladies who shared + whoever is reading this feeling like they are being held back from their life because of body image....

I want you to know that you are not alone (as you can see). I want to validate your feelings and tell you that it's okay to feel this way - the best way to get past these feelings is to grow through them. To acknowledge them and begin to heal them. 

You do not need to stop your life. There is no waiting to wear those shorts or form fitted clothes. There is no, "I'll wear that bikini when I lose the weight." "I'll go to that social event when I slim down." 


You get to live NOW. You are more than worthy to do anything you please in the body you have now. There are no rules that say- "no access to the pool until you have reached the perfect body." THAT'S TOTAL BS. 

You have access to every pool, beach, social event, etc NOW. It's not an until I... type of thing. It's a when I want I get to have it type of thing. 

Who put these rules into your head anyway? Society/ any other human on the planet doesn't get to control your life. You have created a story- since I'm not thin enough I can't do (insert your story here.) 

It's just a body wearing clothes, wearing a bathing suit, wearing shorts- you aren't breaking the rules, you aren't doing anything illegal. You aren't in danger- you are simply just living life and doing what YOU CHOOSE to do simply because YOU WANT TO. 

and that is perfectly okay.... 

There is not ever going to be an until... it's a RIGHT NOW. 

So I challenge you to wear those clothes or go to that party now- to stop putting your life on hold and waiting for that "perfect body." Losing weight does not all of a sudden bring you happiness for the rest of your life. It's finding the happiness within yourself NOW that will help you heal. 

You are a beautiful soul having a human experience. Don't waste one more day of your precious life hiding yourself for other peoples/ societies behalf. 

This is your life. Live now. 

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With love + presence, 

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