Self-care: Why does it matter?

I was never the type to go out of my way to care for myself. To give myself what I needed when I knew shit was going down and I just needed to relax and put myself first. 

I know for many- putting yourself first is tough. You think that you don't deserve it, you haven't worked hard enough yet, you have too many things on your "to do's", you are taking care of the kids, etc etc... whatever it is we all have an excuse to not take care of ourselves. 

So I want to STOP that now. It's time to start giving yourself the love and nurture your mind, body, and soul desire. 

Yesterday, I was feeling depleted mentally & emotionally. My anxiety was high and I was starting to worry about the future (things that I CAN'T control). There was a moment when I could have kept pushing through my day, getting all the stuff done on my to-do list, and totally ignore my body's cry for help. 

My body needed peace, calm, relaxation, and a timeout from the world around me. I knew in that moment I needed to honor my soul. 

So what did I do? 


I ran a bath for myself. Lit my salt candles, put on some kundalini meditation music, dimmed the lights, got out my essential oils I love, and threw my new bath bomb in the tub I got from one of my lovely friends for my birthday. 

As I soaked in the bath, I closed my eyes and just started breathing. I started asking the universe to have my back and to take all the anxiety and worries out of my body. I trusted in that moment that no matter what I was worrying about it would be okay. With the positive surroundings I was able to find peace in my chest again and unwind for the day. 

After my bath,  I put on my cozy pajamas, I went through my skin regiment, put on aloe vera lotion, and finished making an amazing dinner I had in the crockpot. I told myself to relax for the rest of the night and pick up the to-do's tomorrow. 

So why is self-care so important? 

Well, for one because you only deserve the BEST. 

+You matter
+You get to honor your mind + body + soul
+Reduces stress
+It helps you teach others around you to self-nurture (positive influence) 
+It helps you function
+It helps you sleep
+It rejuvenates your soul
+It's a beautiful form of self-love

Taking a bath is not the ONLY way to self-nurture. 

  • It could be taking 5 minutes to meditate everyday 
  • Going on a 15 minute walk at your lunch break to get fresh air
  • Journaling before bed 
  • Reading your favorite book 
  • Drinking coffee or tea in the sunshine 
  • Taking a nap or sleeping in 
  • Buying yourself fresh flowers 

It can be ANYTHING that makes you feel good which is the whole point of self-nurture. 

What are you going to do THIS WEEK to make sure you are taking care of yourself? (Comment below and let me know!) 

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With love + self-nurture, 


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