10 tips to NOT hate yourself after Thanksgiving dinner


I know I know. Thanksgiving dinner is coming up and I can feel the anxiety rising from all the ladies in the diet/ disordered eating world.

I am here to help you get through Thanksgiving with a BREEZE. 

Not only will you feel less anxiety, enjoy your company, and not feel like a stuffed guilty turkey after dinner; you will have an experience that will allow you to love yourself rather than hate yourself after such an anticipated meal.

So here it goes. 

  1. First of all, it's OKAY to feel anxious. Acknowledge your feelings rather than fighting them. Surrender to your feelings. Don't judge or shame yourself. IT'S OKAY to feel this way!

  2. When you wake up in the morning listen to this video HERE - TRUST ME !!!

  3. Fill out this Body Love Journal

  4.  When you get anxious -Get on the phone with one of your best friends/ closest person in your life that you can share your worries with. Talk to someone who understands you and can give you a space to be heard and to be understood.

  5. Create your mantra for the day- Ex. "Food is love !" "I am safe when I eat!" "I deeply and completely love myself!" - Choose one of these OR create your own. Choose something that makes you feel good and at ease. Repeat your mantra ALL DAY LONG out loud and/or inside your head.

  6. Move your body with love. I suggest to take a nice walk with friends/ family/ dogs. (This is not a workout! This is connecting to your body, getting present, and breathing!)

  7. NO RESTRICTIONS! All food is available to you.. all I ask you to do is LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. When you look at the food does it look good to you/ sound satisfying? If yes. Then ALLOW yourself to have it without any inner dialogue. Just keep listening to your body's wants and needs. If it doesn't look good to you then SKIP IT.

  8. Before you take a bite of your Thanksgiving dinner get present! Look at your food and SEND LOVE to it. Tell your food why you are grateful for it and how it is going to POSITIVELY serve you.

  9. CHEW AND TASTE!!!! When you start to eat make sure to chew your food slowly and actually taste it. Relish it! Enjoy it! Love it! Soak in how amazingly delicious it tastes. As you are present to this be aware where your hunger/ satisfaction is at... are you starting to feel full ? How many more bites do you think you want? Are you completely satisfied?? When you are content and satisfied CHOOSE to stop when done.

  10. If you majorly "failed" tips 1-9 WHO CARES! Do not judge yourself for anything ... this is a journey and a process to heal your food and body issues - ESPECIALLY around the holidays.


Happy Thanksgiving!  xoxo Lauren

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