What Does a Body Love Coach Eat Anyway?


This is a question I get often so I wanted to make a blog post about it. I am going to be extremely REAL with you.

I've worried about opening up about my "nutrition" because in the body love world there can be LOTS of contradictions. I am PRO ANTI- DIET so when it comes to sharing what I eat I don't want there to be any mixed signals.

I first want to state that ALL FOOD is neither good nor bad. It's NEUTRAL. You are not right or wrong for eating any type of food you want. It can be salmon and veggies or it can be pizza and french fries. IT REALLY DOESN'T MATTER AND IT DOESN'T MAKE YOU ANY MORE OR LESS WORTHY when choosing a certain food.

OK now that I got that covered.

I have learned to eat with intuition and without restriction. When you get to a place when you know what your body is asking for and that ALL food is available to you that's when the freedom begins.

So what do I eat?


This is what a typical day would look like: (everyday is different but I will give you a little glimpse)


I like to make myself a shake. I've been doing this for the past 5 years because it's something I choose to do because I just love it. Not to mention it's incredibly easy, delicious, and convenient. Again, to be clear I do not drink these as a diet tactic, to lose weight, or anything diet culture related. I do it because it makes me feel good and my intentions are extremely neutral.  Here are some pictures so I can give you a visual...

untitled-design-2 untitled-design-3 untitled-design-4 untitled-design-5 untitled-design-7


This is my favorite shake to date- so I'll share this one with you:


Water Ice Rhodiola Ginger Coconut oil Himilayan sea salt Tumeric Flax, chia, coconut blend Herbalife vanilla protein powder Herbalife banana caramel formula 1 Herbalife SKIN collagen Mixed berries

***NOTE: I prefer to use Herbalife Nutrition because it's something that I've been using a long time and it works really well for me. I love the taste, I love the variety, and I love how it makes me feel. You are more than welcomed to try Herbalife products if they seem like the right fit for you - if you have any questions/ interest please fill out the form below and I will get back to you. If you have zero interest or have a different brand that you love then that's fabulous! Whatever works for you is perfect - I just want to be a resource just in case someone has interest- NO PRESSURE!!!! I'm just sharing with you what I love and use. ***

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Snacks I like (Eaten on different days) 

White cheddar corn puffs (from Trader Joe's), Lara bars, Square bars, Power crunch bars, Herbalife bars, Hard boiled eggs, salami and cheese and crackers- These are things I've eaten for snack in the last month.


I love the wraps and salads from Trader Joe's! I also will have leftovers from the night before on certain days. I also love the black bean and cheese taquitos, black bean and corn enchiladas, and chicken verde burritos all from Trader Joe's. I guess it's safe to say I love TJ's lol. I love sandwiches too!

photo img_9347



Pizza/ salad Chicken, brown rice, mixed veggies Enchiladas, beans, rice, chips Poke bowl Sushi Salmon, jasmine rice, brussels sprouts

photo-1 img_9530


I always have some ice cream that we keep in the refrigerator at all times. If we are out for dessert it's most likely FROYO!!

Go to drinks 

I love micheladas, wine, beer, La Croix, and anything sparking water, and of course my morning coffee!

fullsizerender-2 img_8740

As you can see I eat a variety of food and no day looks the same. I listen to when I get hungry and I also listen to what sounds satisfying in the moment. I eat when I'm hungry and stop when I am content.

Most importantly- your mentality.

When you eat with stress, guilt, are not present, and shame yourself, is much different than if you eat with love, peace, kindness, and presence. Change your thinking process around food and diet and watch your world change from meal plans/ calories/ and restriction to FREEDOM, INTUITION, and SELF-LOVE!


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