14 Day Body Love Holiday Detox!


Let me ask you a couple questions. 

  • Are you starting to get those anxious feelings as the holidays approach?

  • The anxiety of all the parties, food, and desires to feel confident in your outfits?

  • Do you have thoughts of, "I'm so nervous to gain weight during the holidays, I better start dieting now so I can binge on the family/ social events."

  • Are you already starting to say, "I'll start my diet January 2nd?"

  • An overall feeling of FEAR?


Imagine feeling at ease during the holidays. You show up to Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, NYE, News Years Day, and ALL the other parties in between feeling at peace around all the food.

You don't have any worries about the food because you know that you are not restricted and that all food is available to you.

You also feel confident with your body and how you look and feel in all of your outfits- you have a whole new understanding of self-love and body love.

Best of all, you actually care more about focusing on spending time with family and friends than you do about the food or any type of diet talk or guilt around eating/ gaining weight.

Your mind is peaceful, loving, calm, 

confident, and clear. 

I am here to help you make all of this your REALITY.

I wanted to let you know about my HOLIDAY SPECIAL...

The 14 Day Body Love Holiday DETOX!

This is what you will get: 

  • 3- 1:1 coaching sessions (Day 1, Day 7, Day 14)

  • Access to the Body Love Resource Bank (+ the Body Love Book Shelf!)

  • 2 calming/ zen audio tracks to keep the negative self- talk away

  • Weekly emails to help support you on your 14 day detox!!!

  • 24 hr email access for Body Love Support

Find out my secret strategy to NEVER dieting again and be free from your crazy thoughts around food. 


It's time to stop dieting, losing control, and hating

yourself for it. Take back your life NOW. 

There are limited spots available- I will be taking on 5 women who are ready to DETOX!!


Sign up BEFORE Thanksgiving and get a FREE Body Love Product - Choose between a mint clay mask or berry scrub :)




(The detox begins when we schedule our 3 sessions; you will get an email from me once you are registered.) 


Don't allow another holiday season control your emotions- You are an EMPOWERED, CONFIDENT, BEAUTIFUL WOMAN who gets to believe that herself!