My FIRST Body Positive Spartan Race

This past weekend I did a Spartan BEAST (12.2 miles + 30 obstacles) with my fiance and one of my best friends.

It was interesting to me that I signed up to do such a grueling race because I literally do not workout like I use to. A typical "workout" for me would be to take my two little pups for a walk with an occasional run/ stair workout and possibly some squats/ body work. Maybe a little at home yoga here and there. MOST days it's just walking the dogs a couple times a day.

I definitely believe in exercising because it's good for your mental health and for your physical body.

It really just depends how healthy your relationship to working out is. In the past I made sure to suffer through my workouts everyday. If I wasn't drenched in sweat and all out exhausted I didn't count it. I would feel guilty if I skipped a day of working out; so let's just say I had a very unhealthy relationship with it.

SO. When my fiance was signing up to do the Spartan beast it surprised me that I actually wanted to do it with him. (a couple weeks later we got our friend on board.) So there we have it we were committed to doing the BEAST.img_8775-2

I did not train, I didn't workout extra, I didn't eat differently. I literally did what I normally do in my everyday life.

We even went on an 8 day trip to Hawaii the week before the race. So let's just say we were not concerned what type of shape we were in; AND THAT FELT FUCKING FANTASTIC. It was such a breathe of fresh air to literally decide to do the spartan race just because I wanted to, because it was going to be a bonding experience with people that I love. It was going to have NO attachment to how long we took to finish the race, how many times we stopped to rest, or what my body looked like at the race. Also, it had nothing to do with burning calories or just wanting to kick my ass to keep a fit/thin body. It was just a spontaneous decision and that was that.

The day of the Spartan race was filled with a little nervousness and excitement as we pulled into the parking lot in Temecula.

I actually couldn't believe I would be enduring 12.2 miles of craziness when I hadn't even walked over 3 miles with my dogs. But I was ready to see what I could do.


I could write a novel on my emotions during this spartan race. But I wont ;) for your sake.

What I do want to touch on is a new perspective I got during the race pertaining to working out/ life. I wasn't doing the race to burn calories like I mentioned above, I wasn't doing the race because I like to torture my body everyday. During the race I had a different mindset, because I wasn’t worried about my body image, calories, or competing; the voices in my head were full of metaphors for my life.

There were times during the race that I was feeling good and energized, in the zone, times that were easy, rewarding, then there were times that felt like hell...

I wanted to quit, I thought I couldn't make it, it was just so hard, "how the hell am I going to get over this wall, "I'm scared", when is this over, omg how many more hills are there, ok I caught my second wind I can totally do this, 2 more miles, the finish line is right there, we made it! -

I'm telling you. There was a constant dialogue going between all these emotions in my head at all different times.

It was so interesting to me how the Spartan race literally was replicating my life. There are so many times during my daily life when I go through all these emotions- I feel good, I'm optimistic, life is flowing, my energy is vibrating, I see good things for my future, everything is positive. Then I can go into- I'm never going to make it, nothing ever works out, why is all my hard work not paying off, how am I going to pay my bills this month, I'm anxious and scared, my energy is shit, I'm in a slump, - okay and back to journaling and manifesting - "all is well in my world." "I can do this." "The universe has my back."

During the Spartan I was almost laughing about the similarities been the race and life.

This totally taught me a lesson. Life will have the ups and downs but there is always the rewarding, feel good times, AND the finish line- which is your goals, dreams, and desires. We will all get there- you just get to keep pushing through the "hills," the "carrying a bucket of rocks"," the distance-


I also encourage you to see working out as a life lesson instead of a forced calorie burn or perfect body desire;

if you take each walk, exercise class, yoga class, gym session, pilates class, hike, spartan race, etc as a life lesson I feel that can strengthen your relationship with yourself, with your life, and encourage body love.

***side note: I encourage training for such a big race like this- of course training with love and a healthy relationship to working out- Pretty sure I won't be walking correctly for the next week or 2. I'm SORE!***



xoxo Lauren

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