8 reasons life is much more enjoyable when you LOVE YOURSELF

I've been in Hawaii this past week- amazing, loving, fun, peaceful, romantic, and HEALING. I love Maui. It just makes me feel OH SO GOOD.

I want to share with you 8 reasons why life is much more enjoyable when you LOVE YOURSELF.

  1. Food is FUN


    To most, going on vacation is AMAZING but many women worry about weight gain. We know we will be eating and drinking more than we normally do. We don't want to restrict but we also don't want to gain weight. When you love yourself and love your body you see food in a completely different light. Food is actually FUN. Every meal and every drink I had in Hawaii gave me excitement instead of anguish. It seriously makes life so much more enjoyable when food is fun.

  2. Bathing Suits are meaningless


    Going on vacation, especially to Hawaii, meant being in a bathing suit everyday. In the past I would worry about how I would look and most likely go on a strict diet/ workout regiment so I could look thin/ fit in a bikini. This trip, because I have so much body love and self love I didn't change anything in my routine before my vacation. I went how my body wanted to go. So as I wore my bathing suits everyday they were meaningless because it didn't matter if I had extra weight or not I was loving the Hawaiian life rather than worrying about my look in a bathing suit. I own my bathing suit rather than my bathing suit owning me.

  3. Family time is special


    When you are in a state of LOVE everything is more special. I was more focused on time spent with family then having obsessive thoughts about my body or the food I was eating. Loving yourself allows you to love everyone else around you.

  4. Peaceful PRESENT mindset


    A peaceful mind allows you to be present. To live in the moment. Being present on vacation is so important because that is when you really live. You are able to love every moment, cherish the memories being created, to feel joy. You actually are being aware of all the wonderful feelings you have in your body. When your head is not filled with calories, body image, food, anxiety.. life is bliss.

  5. Happy hour is a NO BRAINER 


    One of my favorite things we did in Hawaii was walk down the beach to a perfect restaurant bar that had a happy hour. The view was spectacular, the company was perfect, the food was amazing, and the drinks were top notch. At least in my family, we love to have a good time and socialize over drinks. In the past, I would have been worried about the calories in the food and the drinks. I would get the healthiest item on the menu and stick to a drink that tastes like crap but was low calorie. There is something amazing about having a stress free experience at a happy hour. We shared a bunch of little dishes and I had two drink that tasted like Hawaii. I was loving every second. Not one thought of how "I'm going to burn these calories off." Just in a state of love and maybe a bit buzzed. ;)

  6. Beach walks are considered exercise 



    I didn't have a workout regiment while I was away. I was not attached to getting a dedicated workout in. But what I did do was take walks everyday. Most of the time we walked to the beach instead of drove which was about a mile away. I would always walk along the beaches too just to keep myself moving. One of the days we got paddle boards. The point is, obsessing over exercise was not part of my to do's. When exercise is not a obligation but something I incorporate into my life it just makes life that much more enjoyable.

  7. Radiate beauty and joy


    Point blank. When you love yourself you radiate beauty and joy from the inside out. There is a certain glow that you get when you soul is warm and full of love. Radiating positive vibes helps you only see the beauty in life. (ps. This was a few minutes after I got engaged- I think I was happy. hehe)

  8. Living in a YES LIFE energy 


    When you feel good and you feel love, you are a YES to life. You are more open to opportunities. You are excited to take on new adventures, try something new... You are open and ready to manifest all that you desire... you attract what you radiate. The universe "hears" you loud and clear when you have YES LIFE energy. Life is sooo much more enjoyable when you are YES!


It's crazy to think that all of this comes from loving yourself. You might be thinking- there is no way life can get so much better when you just practice a little more self love. I telling you that YES! It's 100% true. At one point in my life I was in the depths of hell. I only saw darkness. I was scared of life and thought it only brought me pain and heartbreak. I didn't want to be on the planet if I would have to feel like I did for the next 70-80 years.

SO. I decided to make a change. I decided to get support and dive into the world of SELF-LOVE that was foreign to me. Life did a 180 for me when I kept on my journey to loving myself. It was the hardest thing I ever did but the outcome is priceless. I actually enjoy life. I smile everyday and see the beauty and sunshine that surrounds me. There is a WAY OUT of your pain and INTO love. You may think- that's impossible, but I'm telling you that ANYTHING is possible if you do the work on yourself. Never give up.


xoxo Lauren

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