Why your "goal weight" is killing you


The infamous "goal weight." ***long sigh***

When I went on my first diet in high school I had no idea what journey I was about to be led on for the rest of my life.

I remember I lost a healthy 7 lbs in 2 weeks. It may have started off harmless but honestly when I was 16 I didn't need to lose weight. But for some reason I thought I did. 

The ecstasy I felt when I stepped on the scale and I saw that my hard work paid off, in that moment, changed my life forever.. I created a demon inside of me. A powerful one. A determined, committed, fueled up ego. I wanted more. So that's when I was a big fat YES to the diet/ disordered eating world- without even knowing it.

I was a teenager, society was pressuring girls to look a certain way, and to be honest Nicole Richie was my idol (so sick, I know). Thinking back I feel so sad I couldn't protect her. But I know that she had to go through what she went through to get where she is today. That being me.

So let's talk about "goal weight."

The funny thing is- we obsess over our goal weight and it's actually something we will NEVER achieve. You might be saying- I did! No, I'm not talking about someone who has a healthy relationship with food and their body. I'm talking about someone who is consumed in the diet/ fitness/ disordered eating world who think a certain weight will make all their problems go away.

2 things- which I'm sorry to break it to you...

1. When you reach your goal weight by extreme dieting/ restriction- you will want more.

When you lose 10 pounds you'll want 20, then 30, then 40, then all of a sudden you are stick thin still thinking you are fat with extreme body dysmorphia. OR if it doesn't get to that extreme you will never be satisfied with the weight that you lose because no matter what, you will never look better than the person next to you (in your mind)- literally always living in a state of wanting something else and NEVER being able to achieve it. Exhausting and disheartening am I right?!

2. It's not about the food.

It's not about the diets, the weight, the portion control, the killer workouts, the perfect meal plan, the will power... it NEVER was and NEVER will be. This is about you my dear. This is about breaking down all of you and learning who YOU really are. This goes deeper than the depths of your soul. I get it. You might be saying but I'm 20-50-100+ pounds overweight and my quality of life is not okay- so it is about the food and the weight! I agree. BUT if you work on your soul and figure out what is causing you to use food as your "drug" that is when your body will respond and find its set weight. If you want to lose weight for vitality, I'm ALL for it. But that means you get to love yourself, be present and aware, dig up your past so you can heal, listen to your body and watch the pounds shed. On the flip side- if you are under weight, it's the SAME exact work which will lead you to your set weight, self love, and body acceptance.

If you are feeling inspired to give your EGO the finger and heal your thoughts around food, weight, and body image then fill out the Body Love Questionnaire below....

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