My BEST Body Transformation: Check out these life changing results!


I want to share with you what my BEST body transformation has been to date.

It took more work, dedication, commitment than I've ever had to give in my life.

It took me years and years to achieve this transformation.

and the big reveal.....



That's right. The girl on the right is someone that has spent years and years developing and growing her mind, body, and soul.

The girl on the left had to let go of ....

  • obsessing over calories
  • hitting the gym/ workout classes 6 days a week (hardcore)
  • restricting food
  • fitting into a certain size on her clothes
  • being a certain number on the scale
  • the crazy obsessive negative thoughts
  • self-hate
  • caring about what other people think

The girl on the right started to allow...

  • self-love
  • positive self-talk
  • all food as neutral rather than "good" or "bad" or "right" or "wrong"
  • working out less
  • body acceptance
  • having dessert ANY night of the week rather than just one time over the weekend
  • the message that your weight does not determine your worth
  • the concept that it's okay to eat

I finally was able to BREAK FREE from the SOUL-SUCKING diet / disordered eating world and live a life I love and a life with peace of mind. Not only did I transform my body, the most important thing that I transformed was my mind.

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xoxo Lauren