Is this you?


. Are you sooooo over the diet world and disordered eating?

. Sick of constantly thinking about food- what you are going to eat next?

. When are the chips going to get to the table so I can scarf it down only to feel extreme guilt!

. How many calories is in that?

. Restrict all day and binge all night.

. I can't have dessert- I won't be able to stop myself so I'm just going to stay away from it.

. It's the weekend- time to binge eat and party.

. It's Monday- time to starve myself all week and hit the gym so I can waste all my effort on the weekend.

. You decline a dinner party with your friends so you aren't tempted to eat.

. You tell yourself “this is the diet that I’ll stick to” and 5 minutes later you’re at the froyo shop (filled with guilt and shame). 

. Do you look at yourself in the mirror and talk shit about every ounce of your body?

. Are you ALWAYS on some sort of diet?

. Are your crazy thoughts about food, body image, and dieting getting out of control?

. If you answered YES to almost all of these questions and statements then ...YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE.

It's time to heal your thoughts. I've got you my love.

No more stress, anxiety, self-hate, worry, body-hate, dieting-

I have the EXACT system to show you how I BROKE FREE from the soul-sucking diet world (disordered eating world)!

I've been there- TRUST ME.

When I was 16 years old I was in one of my high school classes and my class was asked to look in the mirror that we had in front of us and write down what we see. I looked in the mirror and the only word that came to my mind was- "imperfections." It was interesting for me to hear all my classmates yell out- "brown hair," "blue eyes," "glasses." I was wondering, why did I write imperfections?

That's the exact moment my eating disorder came to life. 

I played sports all my life so weight never was an issue but for some reason I felt I needed to lose weight. I decided to go on a diet. In the next two weeks, I lost a healthy 7lbs. If I stopped right there everything would have been fine but seeing the scale go down fueled my fire.

I wanted more and I would go to any extremes to get it. 

I started to skip meals and restrict ALL foods that were classified as "bad." It was almost like a game. When I skipped breakfast, skipped lunch, and made it all the way to dinner without eating anything it was almost like I got a "high".

I knew the less I ate the more the number would drop on the scale and the more self-worth would go up (or so I thought.) 

I was at my worst when a high school dance would come around- like prom. Literally, the 2 weeks before the dance I would starve myself. Eat less than I ever had and workout out like crazy. I would get a consistent afternoon headache/ dizziness and would still hit the gym.

I had to burn off any calories consumed and beyond. I wanted to be in the negative calories for the day.

I could drop massive amounts of weight in 2 weeks, it was scary. My bones would be sticking out of my chest, my spine would be protruding, my hip bones would stick out, and everything would look frail and lean. You want to know the sick part? I fucking loved it. I thrived off of looking in the mirror, "body checking" every chance I could get to see how thin I looked.

I would restrict for as long as I could and when my body couldn't take it anymore I would binge like crazy.

It's like something or someone (who wasn't me) took over my body and I was on a mission to EAT. To fill my body with everything I've been depriving it of. When I came back into my body after a binge, I would be filled with anxiety. I was sick with the fear of gaining weight and having so many calories in my body; that's when I learned how to throw up. It was a sick cycle that I felt I would never be able to get out of. I was stuck in hell.

This restriction, binge, purge cycle went on for years.

Some point of my life I was stick thin, other points in my life "I didn't look like I had an eating disorder." In college, I went vegetarian, I went vegan, I dove into raw vegan- I was a lost girl striving to feel worthy in her body by torturing it. Worthiness will never be the result from torture. I had full fledged orthorexia (only eating the "perfect" healthiest food) the last couple years of college and then beyond graduating.

I lived in a world judging my body constantly, thinking of food always, worrying about calories, killing myself at the gym everyday; the voices were so loud.

I could never just sit down and have a normal meal without any conversation in my head about what I would need to do after to burn it off. I so badly wanted to find freedom, to have body peace, to love food again, to nourish my body in a loving way....I just cared so much about how I looked...

The truth is no matter what I looked like .... I WAS NEVER SATISFIED. Can you relate?

When I was 23 years old my life took a turn for the worse. I went through a tragic breakup. Like "cry myself to sleep for months listening to the saddest music you could ever hear." Like "laying down on the shower floor for hours" type of breakup. I LOST MYSELF.

I had no idea who I was anymore, my life was flipped upside down.

All I knew for my entire life was being a student, being an athlete, and being with my high school sweetheart for the past 8 years. When I turned 23, I no longer was a student anymore, a student athlete, nor was I with the guy I thought I would be with for the rest of my life. I woke up into a world of darkness. Nothing seemed familiar to me. I was scared.

I was lost in a deep dark depression and I WANTED OUT!

That's when I decided to get help- I was introduced to the world of self-love; I started to heal. I started to find myself again. It was a long journey but it was 100% worth the investment. I took on the Body Love world with reckless abandon and DECIDED that I am enough no matter what my weight is. I realized that loving myself first was exactly what I needed to learn the true lessons in life. Once I accepted my body, the things that use to matter, didn't anymore.

I didn't care about calories, killing myself at the gym, eating the perfect food, striving for the perfect body- I learned that I wanted to be FREE. I wanted to be happy, joyful, and full of love. 

The Body Love World has helped me respect, love, and honor myself. But it has also done so much more for my life ....

1. I found my DREAM career as an entrepreneur

2. I found my DREAM apartment with lots of sunshine

3. I went on a DREAM vacation without fear of wearing a bathing suit

4. I'm engaged to my DREAM future hubby

5. I am living in my DREAM life

It took me about 3 years to fully recover. I thought to myself- that is just too long. SO I decided to take it into my own hands and that's how the Body Love Healing Course was created. I took my 3 years of healing and turned it into a 3-4 month course so I could help ladies find their freedom much faster. I don't know how anyone would be able to do this without help. So that's where I come in.

I have a deep passion to help women find themselves in the Body Love World. To break free from their diet mentality and disordered eating so they can start living an EXTRAORDINARY LIFE! 

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Learn more about the Body Love Healing Course....



12 sessions: 60 minutes on zoom (all sessions are recorded and sent to you via email)

Your Investment

Normally 4 installments of $297 USD (Now offering 6 installments of $197)

$997 USD paid in full (Saves you $185!)


Following this enrollment, the investment will be $3,000USD, so get in now.

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Here is what ladies are saying about Lauren…..


Lauren has taught me that being healthy isn’t a size to fit into or a number on a scale.

...She has taught me to listen to my body and give it the things it asks of me that it needs to run and not be afraid of my cravings. With her positive attitude and gentle introspective guidance Lauren has helped me love myself more each and every day. Thank you Lauren for being there for me every step of the way! – Laura


Lauren has been not only a friend of mine for years but she is also my health coach extraordinar! Lauren has mastered the keys to living a happy and healthy life style. Lauren has helped me become the healthiest version of myself, mentally and physically. Her merge into the self love world has truly made her the most powerful person when it comes to life, happiness, health and fitness all in one.

She’s a one stop shop, and Lauren has coached me to live the most amazing life with something I didn’t know I could have before: freedom around my body and how I see it.

I’m forever thankful for her guidance in my journey and for the strength she provides everyday!-Mallory


Lauren is a ray of sunshine. Literally, everything about her radiates love and this calmness. But don’t get me wrong, it’s not the annoying calmness that can sometimes irritate me when I’m in the mud or the nitty gritty of my bad body image days. It’s a calmness that you can connect to because you know Lauren has been in the mud herself.

She has helped me to recognize that fear can be used as a healthy motivator to change. Instead of remaining stuck in the diet cycle, she helps to shine the light on the truth: self love really is the key.

And she helped me to see the only way through the darkness and the difficulty, is through it. I now call Lauren a dear friend of mine and truly will call her when I’m in need of a vent-sesh or just to help remind me that I’m on the right path. It’s amazing because at first I called her out on her “self love” a bunch because I was scared to let go of control and take a chance. I was scared that if I didn’t control my body and weight through extreme exercise, calorie counting and the other measures that keep me deep in the disorder, I never thought I would release the weight or love my body again. Not once did she get upset at me or defensive in her practice. She got it. She had been where I was and understood the frustration and the fear. She didn’t push my process but helped walk with me through it.

I can say with confidence now that I eat all the foods and my body has released some weight without deprivation, control or any diet plan. The only thing I changed was on the inside. I practiced patience, trust, self love and stuck with it even when it was hard. I value not only my work with Lauren but Lauren herself. She has shown me just how much I have to offer other women who are struggling and I am immensely grateful! -Nicole


Lauren is a great supporter to women dealing with health concerns in many ways.

Mentally to build confidence of self love and also for nutrition and fitness goals.

She’s a positive, sweet human being who encourages you consistently and leads by example. -Sandra


Since I have been part of the body love tribe, I as a person have changed and that is all thanks to Lauren. She has put together a great program to help women learn to love themselves.

The tasks that she has put together for you to start your journey to love yourself are great. There are times that I would feel a bit uncomfortable doing the tasks but they are helpful and they do work. I don’t think I would be in the place I am now if it weren’t for her and for that I am grateful. She is there for you whenever you have a question or just need someone to talk to when you’re having a tough time with a task. She will work you through the situation and help you conquer the task. Lauren has helped me get through a tough part of my life. I was dealing with a break up and I became very insecure about myself and I didn’t love anything about myself physically. Anytime I saw myself in a mirror I would criticize myself. I would pick out my flaws and would think about how I could change them. I wasn’t happy with the way I looked, so I decided to “eat clean” and started watching what I ate and the calories of the foods I ate. I was neglecting myself of things that I saw as “bad” because they would make me gain weight. I would tell myself, that certain foods were bad and if I ate them I would have to put in more time at the gym to work off the calories. But what I have realized since I have been part of the body love tribe is that what is considered “bad food” is not bad food. I can’t continue to deny myself from a piece of chocolate because of its calories that it has, but I should be able to enjoy a piece of chocolate because it makes me happy. What I have learned in the past months is that in order to love yourself you need to enjoy things that make you happy, if that means eating a snickers bar, I will eat a snickers bar or if I want take a stroll on the beach because it makes me feel at peace instead of putting in 2 hours at the gym. When I look at myself in the mirror I see how beautiful I am and how happy I am. I don’t have to be skinny to love myself, as long as I love what I do for my body. If I wasn’t part of the body love tribe I wouldn’t be in the place that I am now and that is all thanks to Lauren’s body love tribe. -Stephanie


Lauren has been a ray of sunshine and self-love in my life.

She has taught me to love and accept myself as I am, to turn my self talk into positive and loving statements (I can be quite the critic), and to give myself the benefit of the doubt that I am doing the best I can.

Whenever I praise myself, the voice I hear in my head is Lauren’s saying things like “good job Shevy!” or “you’re amazing Shevy” or “I love you Shevy." Lauren is my ambassador of self love!- Sarah


What can I say about Lauren?! She’s been a blessing, that’s for sure!

She’s so energetic and excited to help you on your journey to a happier, healthier lifestyle! She’s always there for me when I need help focusing or refocusing on my goals! She’s supportive and encouraging!

The Body Love Tribe is a great support! Just a group of people with like minded goals who love, encourage and support one another! Lauren always has something great in the works to help us learn to love ourselves and/or be more accepting of ourselves a little more. I know I can be a little harsh on myself sometimes! I love this tribe! I’ve learned so much with Lauren’s help and I am very grateful for her! - Lisa


Lauren has been a saving grace for me! I reached out to Lauren a few months ago and she has sent me nothing but positive vibes and love.

Having someone believe in you and sending you positive notes can make the world of a difference.

Her YouTube videos reach out at such a personal level to me and I can connect with them in many different ways. I know I can reach out to her and confide in her with anything. I have never been so thankful for social media to bring me to her. -Laura


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With so much (body) love, Lauren