Desiring a body from your past: How it can hurt you



Have you ever been in a place where you can never feel satisfied? Are you always wishing for a better body? No matter what you do you always want more? You'll probably find my 5 Day Body Love Challenge super helpful- download below.


I was looking at a picture from a while back and I noticed I looked leaner. I immediately started envying the picture wishing I still looked like that- then I thought... was I happy in this picture? Did I love my body? Do I love myself? Did I want to live like that girl in the picture for the rest of my life? The answer to all those questions were a big fat NO.

I thought to myself- if I still wasn't satisfied with the person I was back then, with the body I had bad then. Why would I ever want to go back?

The point is- love yourself today. Love who you are today. Accept yourself today. We are doing it all backwards.

If you hate yourself thin there is no way you are going to love yourself when you get there...

Be in a space of love, find compassion for yourself, send yourself loving thoughts, speak positive affirmations. If you can work on this first- the body, the money, the job, the car, the dream, the life will follow. We attract things into our life with the type of person we are being- how the heck are you going to love your body at any weight if all you are feeling is shame, guilt, and hate?

Work on being satisfied today. Watch your world change from the inside out.


Copyright 2016 Lauren McAulay