{ VIDEO } Conquering ED Voices


I had a big event down in long beach- on the way down I was inspired to stop on the side of the road and make a video about what happened .....

I was excited to grab a drink before heading down to LB-

It was a hot day and I was feeling like a cold brew coffee from Starbucks. As I was entering the parking lot I drove by Whole Foods and thought "maybe I should just get a green juice instead- that would be much healthier." Even though I do love green juice I had already decided on getting a coffee that I was excited about. I must say I did have a conversation with my ED (eating disorder) voices BUT my voice was more powerful than ed. I now make decisions based off of what I want and desire rather than what ed decides for me...

I made MY decision to get a Starbucks instead of the green juice....

My point-

When you eat or drink something that you desire you are subconsciously giving your body the feeling of allowing. When you know you can have what you desire the disorder in eating begins to disappear. You are able to have what you want, while having a great relationship with food, that includes balance and moderation without even trying or thinking about it.IMG_6816-1


...is achieved when you get that freakin' coffee instead of the green juice. When you drink the green juice because you love it not because it's healthy. When you have a piece of fruit because it's a hot summer day and that's just what sounds the most appetizing to you, when you allow yourself to eat frozen yogurt with your friends instead of skipping it because you fear calories... It can go either way- if you choose something with more nourishment or more for the soul- it's a win if you choose it because you love it, because it satisfies you, and because ED had nothing to do with it (or the diet mentality)!


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