The S O U L reason I stopped drinking coffee

The S O U LReasonBy now if you follow my story you probably know that I love to drink coffee, more for the positive energy and vibes (not so much for the caffeine). I talk about my morning coffee often, as well as post my cute mugs etc ...

So today I want to post about coffee creamer. T H E - S O U L  - R E A S O N - I stopped drinking coffee. I was scared that having creamer so often would make me gain weight. I was scared it would have too much sugar. I always got the sugar free brands but even then I just was too anxious. So I completely stopped drinking it altogether because I couldn't handle the obsessive hateful thoughts in my mind about how this soul item would ruin my body.

What I now know today....

The creamer wasn't the issue. It never was the issue. I just needed to learn how to love myself.

As I'm sipping on my coffee writing this blog it just seems so ridiculous to me that putting a tiny amount of creamer in my coffee made me so crazy. If I loved something then I would immediately restrict it from my life because if I loved it then it most likely was "bad" or "unhealthy." I really sucked my soul dry with my eating disorder.

Today, I allow myself to have whatever it is that I desire. Since I let go of restriction I've learned how to eat anything I want in moderation. I know for anyone like me in the past you hate that sentence. But this is the difference now that I know what it means to eat in moderation- You don't force yourself to only have a small amount of something, you actually get to the point where you eat a small amount without even trying. You know when your body is satisfied. That's the beauty. You don't have to do the work anymore. Your body does it for you.

If you struggle with the restriction/ binge cycle you can watch my video on "why restricting "unhealthy" food made me unhealthy."


Remember, whatever it may be, coffee creamer, pizza, candy, donuts, etc. etc....

A L L O W yourself to live.

F R E E Y O U R M I N D.

F R E E Y O U R S O U L.

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