10 Ways to Avoid the Anxiety of Weight Gain on Vacation

10 Ways to Avoid the Anxiety of Weight Gain on Vacation

Vacations are suppose to be relaxing. They are meant to allow you to let loose and get you out of your reality for a little bit. They recharge your batteries. The #1 thing that I know most people struggle with, worry about, get anxiety over, is gaining weight while on vacation.

Here are 10 (not so typical) ways to avoid gaining weight on vacation.

1. Set an Intention
Before you go on your trip think of why you are going in the first place. Is it to spend time with family and friends? Relax? Have fun? Get educated on different cultures? For the duration of your trip keep reminding yourself of your intention. This is important because when those worries about food and weight gain come up you can remind yourself that you did not come on vacation to waste energy on your weight. This is the first step to enjoy your trip.
2. Let Go Of Guilt and Relax
Guilt is an extremely negative emotion in your body, especially when eating. If you feel guilt your body will sense stress and anxiety, it will start to shut down your digestive system and your body won't function properly. When food is eaten with guilt your body holds onto it differently. Do you ever wonder why you feel like you've gained weight and think to yourself, I haven't even eaten that much! One cause of weight gain is definitely due to guilt and stress. So relax my friends, it won't be that tough to take this tip on especially on vacation!

3. Eat slow and breathe


Whenever it is time to eat; eat slow, chew your food, and breathe in between each bite. This will help you pay attention to your hunger level and it will be easier to know when to stop when you feel content. When you inhale your food your body doesn't register when you are full so that can lead to over eating to the point where you feel sick. To the point where you wished you had stopped earlier. Being present while you are eating is a great way to stay connected to your body.

4. Choose foods you really want to eat

Satisfaction is a big one. You may find yourself on your vacation really wanting to enjoy a nice dish but you feel like you should go for the salad or the "healthier option" instead. If you truly do not enjoy what you are eating and you choose not to get what you were really want then this could set you up for an all out binge. If your body is not satisfied with the food you eat then that leaves you feeling "empty." Even though you may have gotten calories in your system and you aren't necessarily hungry. Your body will still be grazing for something. It still has a desire to feel a sense of satisfaction. When the body is left eating bland food without any life it can lead to over eating. So when choosing something to eat ask yourself, will this satisfy me? When your food is actually "filling" you, you're body feels much better to stop when it's full.

5. Listen to your body


Your body is extremely intuitive. When you actually tap in and listen to what it's telling you and you answer the signals it creates a healthy outcome. Ask your body what it is in the mood for. You may feel like eating something hearty or something on the lighter side. Your body may be feeling lethargic and needs extra carbs or maybe it's feeling heavy and you only want a small serving of carbs. Sometimes your body is asking for fruits and veggies and sometimes it's asking for something decadent. Whatever it may be your body knows exactly what you need and how much you need, you just get to listen. You can also tap into your body and listen to your hunger levels. Your body also tells you when you are full and ready to stop. Get to know your intuitive voice!

6. Pack Snacks


While on vacation you don't always have food readily available. You could be sitting on the beach, by the pool, up in the mountains, or traveling around Europe. Having some of your favorite snacks packed just in case you are caught without food for a while is a life saver. When you get to the point of starvation this is definitely a recipe for over indulging. Being hangry is never fun so always make sure to have snacks on hand in those moments of need. Eating more often through out the day will keep your body from getting too hungry and will also keep your metabolism going and energy up.

7. If You Have A Kitchen, Make Some Healthy Homemade Meals


Eating out is all good in my book. But sometimes while on vacation it's nice to cook a homemade meal if a kitchen is available. You can make up a delicious healthy meal that satisfies the taste buds too!

8. Eat Quality

No matter what you are eating, choosing foods that are quality is important. Quality food has the nutrition that your body needs and wants. It also has the taste too. Even if you are eating eating more than usual or indulging it's much better to eat quality than indulging on foods that zero nutritional value.
9. Move With Love
I know it's your vacation but it is still important to move. I'm not saying you have to get in a crazy killer workout. I'm just saying that moving your body everyday is necessary. You can choose whatever you prefer. Even if that is taking a nice stroll everyday along the beach or a hike in the mountains. That is completely fine. There are no rules or guidelines to moving; the only thing I suggest is to do it with love.
10. No Restrictions
Putting restrictions on yourself is pretty much a disaster in all cases, especially while on vacation. Restrictions on food tend to mean that what you are eating is wrong or bad. That is a recipe for failure. Most of the time when you say you aren't going to do something, you end up doing it anyway because being forbidden from something makes you want it that much more. Allow yourself to have what you desire but just remember the 9 other tips while diving into whatever makes your taste buds sing.

Happy vacationing!

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