A Day in the Life of an Intuitive Eater


Day in the Life of an Intuitive Eater

A blog called "A Day in the Life of 6 Intuitive Eaters" popped up on my Facebook feed and I thought it was a great read. Read it here. SO. I decided to share with you "A Day in the Life of an Intuitive Eater;" that being me.

HIMG_6079ere is what I ate yesterday...

I woke up at 630am to get to the Galaxy 5k race my friends were running in. So I ate what I always typically eat for BREAKFAST which is my Herbalife healthy meal shake. It's what I want in the morning, not something I force myself to drink. (You can read about the 5 Day Body Love Trial HERE if interested.)

After the 5k was done a group of us decided to go get something to eat for BRUNCH. We met at our favorite place called Jackson's Market.IMG_6081 When I eat there I usually make a custom wrap; spinach tortilla, turkey, feta, cranberries, mixed greens, cucumbers, bell peppers, green olives, avocado, onion, and pepperoncinis. But yesterday since it was still around 1030am I decided to try out their breakfast so I made a custom breakfast burrito; tortilla, eggs, roasted chicken, feta, spinach, and green olives. Had a coffee too!

FullSizeRender-3For SNACK, I had some apple and cashew butter (my fave nut butter) and some salt and pepper pistachios.

When DINNER time came around my boyfriend and I were at my parents house so we ended up ordering pizza from our favorite place called Zelo's. It has this super yummy cornmeal crust that we love. I had once slice of the sausage pizza and once slice of the pesto spinach pizza. SO GOOD!

IMG_6080On our way home a few hours later we stopped at our FAVORITE DESSERT place; Yogurtland. I am so happy I date someone who loves froyo just as much as I do. :) I love mixing lots of the flavors with a bunch of different toppings. The entire experience from start to finish is such a pleasure for me!

I tell you this because a day in the life of an intuitive eater is ALWAYS different. I don't have a specific meal plan, I don't have restrictions, and I don't count calories. I don't think about what my next meal or snack is because I know that I will eat what sounds good to me in the moment. I don't even think too much about food anymore because I know I will eat when I get hungry. I don't restrict timing of food either. I don't have to wait every 3 hrs to eat. If I'm hungry then I eat; plain and simple.

Sometimes I eat pizza and Yogurtland in the same day and sometimes I have a homemade salad for lunch and salmon and veggies for dinner.

It's never a plan I just do what feels good in the moment. Since I eat what I want when I want I never feel the need to gorge. I know I'll be able to have it again the next day if I choose.

Food isn't a mind game for me anymore.

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