How to NOT Look in A Mirror- Simple Yet POWERFUL

How To NOT Look In A Mirror

Mirrors; I believe are one of the biggest body hate/ low self esteem triggers.

I swear I could be feeling great and then all of a sudden I look in the mirror (or any reflection) at the wrong angle and WHAM I am spiraling down a dark tunnel. My good vibes have completely vanished and now my voices start kicking in.

Over the years I have ruined my vibe in front of the mirror. In the past year I decided that the mirror will no longer be something that can take my power. I always thought to myself; if we didn't have mirrors, would so many girls still analyze and hate their bodies as much?

I want to give you my best advice on how NOT to look in a mirror.

Do not look in the mirror with your main focus to judge, analyze, and "body check".

My first question I ask myself before I look in the mirror is "what is my intention?" If I'm looking in the mirror to see "if I look good" or if I'm already feeling a little self conscious I know that is a sign to STEER CLEAR of the mirror. If it's not going to be a positive experience looking in the mirror than I do myself a favor and just stay the heck away. If I'm not looking I don't give my negative ego body talk to talk so much shit. SO. Before you face the mirror always ask yourself, "what is my intention?"

Do not look in mirrors at the gym, walking around the mall, window shopping, or anywhere you can see your reflection in.

I know this may sound silly but seriously when I spent less times skipping out on the mirrors that constantly surround our daily lives I became much happier with myself. Just don't put yourself in that situation. Usually, I'll be having a great ol' time and then all of a sudden one look in the mirror can change my mood. This was totally my life back in the day. It took me a while to get to where I am today but I promise it's soooooo freakin' possible to change your confidence/ self esteem/ and how you view your body just by being conscious of how you look in the mirror.

What I do today....

NOW. When I look in the mirror the first thing I do is send love to myself. I say positive affirmations that block out the negative self-talk. I embrace my curves rather than wishing they were different OR thinking I should eat less and workout more. NOPE. I will never ever ever diet again, I'm in love with being happier and free around food. I love that I feel peace and calm inside of my body. I love that I can actually love on myself when I hear the voices. I take my power back.

I've conquered the mirror. You can too.

This is just one tool to help transfer you over into the body love world. If you are looking for more resources I've made a PDF with 9 years of resources in one guide.... check out life changing books, inspiring mentors, BOPO IG accounts I love, top blog posts, and my best body love tips in my BODY LOVE SURVIVAL GUIDE.