5 Ways A Body Love Diet Can Heal Your life

5 Ways a Body Love Diet Can Heal You LifeIt’s time to STOP IT. Yes, I mean stop with the obsession around the diet and fitness world. Most women don’t realize that the more you entertain the idea of dieting the less likely you will be able to actually maintain the results that you “desire.” As women, we are pressured by society to look a certain way. We may not even want to be a size 2 but for some reason we obsess over the number on the scale, the food on our plate, the calories that we are burning, and the size of our skinny jeans. From experience, this is no way to live. We were not put on this Earth to obsess over food and diets, we were meant to live out our purpose; whatever sets our soul on fire.

To all the women that think they need to be a certain size to feel worthy this “diet” is for you.


As a Body Love Coach and self-love advocate I highly recommend the Body Love Diet to all women on the planet… if you are trying to get out of the crazy world of dieting then here are 5 ways The Body Love Diet can heal your life.




Who would you rather trust? Society or your own body? It may be difficult at first but your body knows more about you than you do. If you listen your body will actually tell you what to eat, when to eat it, how much to eat, and what actually makes you feel good. We are so caught up on the newest diet fad that we have totally disconnected from our body’s intuition. We eat things because it will help us lose weight, it’s “healthy,” it's part of the rules we must follow. Well to be honest I think all of that is just a bunch of crap. We get to take the power back and let our bodies decide what is best for us physically and mentally. You may be asking… if I am going to trust my body and it’s telling me that I want to eat junk food all day how the heck is that good for me.

Here is your answer. Let’s say you want ice cream. Great, go ahead and get that ice cream. But this is what I want you to do before you begin eating it. Tune into your body before your first bite. How are you feeling? Are your hungry? Are you stressed out? What feelings are going on inside of your body? After you tune in begin to eat your ice cream. Eat it slowly and taste every bite. Make sure you are eating it without any distraction. After a few bites check in to see how you are feeling. Are you satisfied? Does the ice cream taste as good as it did the first bite? Do you want more or do you think you are satisfied? These are extremely important questions to ask yourself because it helps you stay in tune with your body and what it actually wants. If you happen to eat the entire tub of ice cream check in again. How does your body feel? Are you full? Do you feel sick? How is your energy? If you can check in to see how your body feels even when you feel like you have eaten too much that is a great way to connect to your body.

The next time you eat ice cream you will tune in and know when your body is finished. You won’t need to over eat because you are staying present and connected. You will stop when your body is satisfied and content without over doing it.  It takes practice but it is worth it. You will realize that you can eat whatever you want because you will be satisfied with a much lesser portion. You will also listen to your body when it is craving foods with substantial nutrition. Your body will take care of you. Trust your body; heal your life.







Our bodies react to the way our mind is treating it. Meaning if you are sending your body hate, eating your food with guilt, stress, and worry, and having a brain full of negative emotions then your body will catch on. Have you ever taken a picture while you felt extremely self conscious and your mind was full of self hate and body shaming? When you looked at the picture did your body represent what you were feeling? Those pictures are usually the ones that come out the worst! But if you take a picture with confidence and self love that’s when your most gorgeous self is captured.

The same goes for food. When you sit down to a meal that your mind feels that you should not be eating because of the calories or you are “cheating” on your diet your body will react in a different way. Your body will hold on to the food differently; the stress will stop your digestive system and your body with not function. Our body cannot tell the difference between stressing over gaining weight after eating a meal and stressing over a burglar in your home that is trying to harm you. Stress is stress. You could be stressing over something silly or stressing over a life or death situation. Both will affect you in the same way. When you are stressed your “fight or flight” is stimulated and your digestive system turns off.

What it comes down to is love. When you can send love to your body and love to your food your body functions positively. Your body is craving your love and attention. Your body is your only “home” that you have on the planet that is soul-y here to protect you and make sure you are functioning to keep living and breathing. Love your body; love your food; heal your life.





Presence is an extremely beautiful place to be. It allows you to actually experience what is happening in that very moment. I would have to guess that most people in the world love food. I know I love food. It seriously is a gift of life, a social favorite, and beyond pleasurable. If this is true then why on earth do people eat so mindlessly? In order to actually enjoy this gift then presence is to be had. Have you ever sat down for a meal and 10 minutes later realized you are finished with your whole plate, you aren’t even sure if you even tasted anything, and you are full beyond belief? Now that is sad. To miss out on such a beautiful experience. Being present keeps you connected and tuned in with your body. You get to taste, you get to love, and you get to digest. You may even realize halfway through you are full.

Being present definitely goes hand and hand with eating slow and breathing. When you are aware what is going on you can actually focus on eating slower and taking a breath between your bites. This will allow you to taste the food, digest it easier, attend to your fullness, and send oxygen into your body, which is needed to help food burn off as fuel faster. Be present, eat slowly, breathe; heal your life.






In order to take one tremendous step in healing your life with the Body Love Diet is to surround yourself with people who support what you are doing. In my opinion, if I was trying to get out of the diet world by taking on the body love lifestyle I would not want friends or family around me that talked about their diet plans, how many calories they burned, or how much weight they lost. It would trigger me and hurt my healing process. The same goes for social media. A strong word of advice, un-follow anyone on social media that sends you any triggering thoughts; it doesn’t matter how small or big the trigger just get it out of your site. I would recommend to only follow body positive accounts, people that empower you, and anyone and anything that helps you heal and recover. Surround yourself with people who support you; heal your life.





Time to let it go. I’m serious. Just get rid of it, the scales, the food logs, the calorie counting, and the step trackers. This one could give people anxiety but I am telling you that being in so much control is hurting your healing. If you want to get out of the diet mindset and into a life full of body love, self-love, and freedom then the first step is to stop all your diet routines. A number on the scale does not determine your worth nor is it a healthy routine. It can either make you feel worthless and hate yourself or it can make you even more obsessed with lowering the number. The scale will keep you a prisoner to the diet world. So say goodbye to it today!

Food logs mean that you are trying to eat food within a certain category. Meaning food is either good nor bad and you must keep track of what you did. They keep you stuck in a life where you can’t just eat freely but you must track everything you put into your mouth. For your mental state it is best to stop food logging all together. I believe that a new goal for all people who want to free themselves is to work on forgetting what they ate yesterday. There is no need to keep a tally; it only harms your healing. Along with food logs comes calorie counting. Boy do I hate calorie counting. It’s just another way to stay in control and stop yourself from living life in a state of freedom.

That brings me to tracking your steps. Those devices are extremely dangerous in my opinion. I believe it’s just another way for people to fall into a disordered way of working out, the obsession with getting 10,000+ steps. Instead of moving your body with love or moving it with freedom you are moving just so you can satisfy yourself with a number. The numbers, the control, it’s all the same.

There are so many obsessive thoughts that will over take your brain, which doesn’t allow space for what you were really meant to do on this planet. Imagine a life without a brain full of diet and fitness obsession. What else would you fill your brain with? Maybe you would start that business you’ve been dreaming of? Travel the world without a diet mentality? Live your passion? Create your own brand? Save the planet? Whatever it may be is up to you because when there is freedom from body hate, dieting, and control that is when you truly can start living. Get rid of it; heal your life.


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xoxo Lauren

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