The Body Love Cleanse- 8 Ways To Detox Hate

8 Ways to Detox Hate
8 Ways to Detox Hate

I am definitely not perfect. Although I've overcome so much in my life from my past with body image issues, eating disorders, and self hate I still have my days maybe even weeks where the negative body talk is back. I can't seem to shake my shit. Although it's overwhelming when I have these feelings come back, I now know that there are many tools that I can do to help me realign myself back to love...

So here you have it... are you down to take on The Body Love Cleanse? ..... when you just have those days where you feel "fat" and judging the shit out of yourself.. Here are 8 ways to detox hate.


  1. Positive affirmations. Whenever you get in your body hate mood have an affirmation that you like to say. Repeat over and over and over. This will help you block out the negative voice with something positive. It can be anything. Anything that resonates with you is perfect. My favorite is "This is just a feeling, it will pass. This is not a permanent state of being. I am love. I am beautiful. I love myself. Thank you for sharing (ego) but you will not win today. I care about my health more than my eating disorder. I care more about my sanity than restricting. I accept my body."
  2. Breathe. Take a deep breathe. Take 10, 20, 30, 1oo breathes. However many it takes to re align. To push out the overwhelm and the anxiety. To relax your body and quite the voices in your head. Send as much oxygen to your body as possible.
  3. Send love to your body. Your body desires your love and attention. Be kind to yourself. Send love to all areas that you've been so cruel to. Fill your entire body with so much love that there is no room for hate. Replace love with all negative emotions. Your body will calm down. You will feel lighter. You will feel nourished. Just love.
  4. Follow only body positive social media accounts- get rid of the rest.This has been a saving grace for me. I only follow social media accounts that leave me feeling inspired and refreshed. That give me a deep sense of love and confidence. When I feel down I go to these accounts and get back to love. I get back to my body love state. Whatever makes me feel triggered I immediately un-follow. If it's out of sight it's out of mind. Fill your news feed with empowerment.
  5. No body checking.Do yourself a favor and just don't do it. Do not stand in front of the mirror and judge and criticize each thing you do not like about your body. The more you analyze that more your brain starts to make you believe what you see. The body dis-morphia gets out of control. Unless you are looking in the mirror and looking into your eyes and saying how much you love yourself steer clear from the mirrors. Last week I made a huge mistake by standing in front of a mirror with my bathing suit on. I swear all the shit talking that I was doing in my head made me gain 20 pounds right before my eyes. If I wasn't going to come from a place of love then I didn't need that negativity in my life. Protect yourself from the asshole (ego) inside of your head.
  6. Throw it out! - scales, food logs, calorie counting, fit bits, meal plans, "when I lose weight clothes," diet books/ magazines/ blogs. If you truly want to live a life of balance and stop obsessing over diets that never work anyway then you must get rid of it all. All these things stated above are actually trapping you in the diet world. They are constant reminders that you are a failure and you do not add up. It's bullshit. Let it go. The control. Just let it go.
  7. Meditation. Even if you can only take 5 minutes. Be still. Quite the mind. Relax. Breathe. Get centered. Meditation will bring you back. It will take you out of your head and into your heart. The voices will stop and you will just be.
  8. Gratitude. I know the voices can get overwhelming but when you can turn to gratitude there is always space for love. You can start to write down everything that you are grateful for and that may just spark some joy inside of you. Gratitude always wins over hate.

With (body) love, Lauren

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