No time to workout? Here's your answer!

FREE BODY LOVE WORKOUTLast month I challenged all of you to a 30 Day Body Love Squat Challenge. I kept myself accountable to honoring the challenge because if I ask you to do it then of course I'm IN! I loved the squat challenge because it was something to commit to. It was a daily way to move my body and it was fun to accomplish each day of squats that would gradually increase.

The best part was that I could do it in the comfort of my own home!

Being able to move my body with convenience makes it that much easier to actually get it done. There really was no excuse not to commit. It litterally took anywhere from 1-10 minutes the entire challenge. Not to mention it made me feel good and I could tell my lower body was feeling strong. I loved that I didn't force myself into a workout I didn't feel like doing. I know there is a popular quote "no pain, no gain." But honestly I don't agree with that quote for the average person who just wants to move to keep their body healthy. I believe that if there is no love, there is no gain. Moving your body with love is so important. How our mind feels is just as important how our body physically feels. We are not just a physical body. We are mental, emotional, spiritual. It matters to maintain health in each category. Love is the source of the universe, therefore love is the source of our core. We get to do all things with love to keep our health and vitality at its best.

So now that it's the beginning of May I'm excited to create another AT HOME workout. Click HERE to get it!

I believe that it's vital to move your body. With tons of experience with working out I know for a fact that making movement a WILL DO everyday will be one of the best things that you can do for your body and here's why...

I've always been active my entire life. I grew up playing sports so moving my body was never an issue. This was a blessing in my life but at the same time it led me into an unhealthy relationship with working out. I played competitive soccer from the age of 10 years old all the way through college. For 12 years, I hated when we had to do "fitness" at the end of practice. I also hated our fitness tests that we had to pass. It was always something that pushed me so far beyond my comfort zone that I just never grew to have a healthy relationship with working out. Where there is hate there is never a good outcome. It also led me to believe that any workout that didn't leave me close to death it didn't count. I took out all the fun, all the beauty, and all the love when it came to working out.

Also in my past I was so obsessed with working out because it was one of the main sources that fueled my eating disorder. I did it to burn calories, lose weight, and punish my body for eating. Pretty sick, I know.

TODAY, I have a very healthy relationship with movement. For the past 8 months, I stopped my gym membership and my class pass, and decided to just move with my dog every morning. I decided to walk when I wanted, to jog when I wanted, to run the stairs when I wanted, to create an at home workout when I wanted... I didn't need to burn a certain amount of calories and I didn't even need to sweat. I just wanted to move with love.

NOW, I feel refreshed. I feel happy to move. Sometimes I want to do more and sometimes I want to do less and that's perfectly fine.

Two weeks ago I got a new puppy and she's still too young to go on walks so when I take my other dog, Chai,  out to workout I hold Livie in a bag. Even though I still get to move I haven't been able to move as much as I want. I haven't been taking on as many home workouts either so I actually started to notice that my body was getting a little bit achy. I felt like my hips were getting tighter and I just didn't feel as good.

Feeling this was is literally one of the best things that could have ever happened to me.

I say this because for the first time in my life I actually connected moving my body with long term health rather than a punishment or weight loss tool. I was actually physically able to feel my body ask for more movement. I realized that moving your body and stretching is SO IMPORTANT for our long term health. I don't want to have a stiff/ tight body when I get older. I want to feel strong, healthy, and be able to move well into my 80's. I now know that moving my body is my vitality for the rest of my life. It has given me a new perspective that serves me in such a beautiful way.

This is why I have created a Full Body Love Workout (at home!) so I can always have a go to workout when I am in a hurry but still want to move my body. GET IT NOW HERE!

I've decided to make it a MAY MOVEMENT CHALLENGE so we can hold each other accountable to moving our body everyday in May. The workout is easily modified by doing less reps of each exercise and going at your own pace.

This at home workout is {FREE} and ready to be downloaded immediately. Just click here. 

I am excited for each and everyone of you to apply love to this workout and every other workout that you do from here on out. Love meaning- take it easy when you are exhausted, rest when needed, push it when feeling good, doing a yoga class instead of a circuit class on days you are sore, doing more or less reps of your home workouts depending on how your body feels...your body will tell you what it needs and how it wants to move that day. Just know that your body craves movement everyday but don't ignore it when it's screaming at you for a rest day.

With so much (body) love, Lauren

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