#1 Tip To De-Villainize Your Food

#1 TipToDE-VILLAINIZEYour FoodIf you are in the diet world we all do it or we all have done it. We VILLAINIZE our food. Most of the time, in my case all of the time, I would villainize ALL food that I actually LOVED. It actually doesn't even make sense that we would put so much hate and guilt on to foods that were actually saints to our taste buds. I believe that society, all the new diet fads, the 1000's of different opinions on what kind of diets people should be following has seriously messed us up. Most people don't even know what they truly love to eat anymore because they eat what they think they should not what would actually satisfy them.  

We walk into grocery stores and have a love hate relationship up and down the isles. If we pick up something healthy we are being "good" and sticking to our diets. If we pick up something "bad" we literally have a battle in our head about why we deserve to have it. We convince ourselves that we will get right back on our diet and get it out of the house as soon as we have some of whatever it is that we chose to "cheat" with. It's a pretty exhausting cycle.


This is why I decided to STOP all this non sense. I don't see food as either good or bad anymore. I don't restrict foods that I want and I certainly do not force feed myself food that I don't desire even if that means I'm sticking to my clean eating diet plan. I let go of the rules. I let go of the guilt. I let go of the obsession over the perfect body. I decided that I want to live my life with a peace of mind. I want to have the freedom around food. I want to eat with love and move with love and accept myself and my body.

So here is the #1 Tip to help you de-villainize your food.....


GET IT IN YOUR HOUSE:Pick a favorite food, meal, snack, dessert, whatever that is for you and keep it in your house. We all have that favorite bag of trail mix, chips, ice cream, etc that we refuse to keep in our house because we feel out of control around it. We feel if it were in our house we would devour it. This is probably 100% accurate. Let me tell you how to handle having foods in your house that you have villainized... first of all let go of the restriction. I now grant you access to whatever food it is that you love to be eaten on a daily basis. You know that one food you restrict for however long you can and then when you finally let yourself slip and you eat at least a weeks worth of food in one sitting? That's the food I want you to have in your house, easily and readily available for your enjoyment. You may be thinking that I am crazy and there is no way that I can trust myself with ice cream in my freezer or a bag of trail mix that I love, or a bag of chips that you can't get enough of.


Well let me tell you this. YOU CAN HAVE YOUR FAVORITE PLEASURABLE SNACK, DESSERT, FOOD, IN YOUR HOUSE ALL THE TIME. I won't lie at first you could over eat that ice cream every single night or eat that whole bag of chips in a day or 2. But I invite you to keep it in your house for as long as it takes to show you that you do not need to villainize the food that you eat and love. Once your brain can register that this bag of trail mix is totally available to eat on a daily basis the obsession around binging on it lessens. You start to realize that it's not even really a big deal anymore that you may eat it with love one day and they next you just don't feel like it or you may eat it every day but you realize that you are completely satisfied with a small portion because you know it will be there the next day if you want more.


When you stop living in scarcity you start to realize that you can eat certain foods that you love and still maintain a healthy lifestyle. You may LOVE ice cream but I can bet you that ice cream is not the only thing you want to consume all day for every meal. Imagine your energy? Imagine how sick you may feel? Your body will crave veggies and protein, it will crave water, it will crave fruit, it will crave a big healthy green salad, and then sometimes it will crave salty snacks, desserts, and a glass of wine or beer. I'm telling you to trust your body. It will take care of you and give you all of the vitamins and minerals that it needs but you must listen to your body.


If you are stuck in the diet world you know that there are times when you are "on your diet" and when you are "off your diet." Meaning you are eating eating perfect and not allowing any pleasurable foods or you are off your diet and all you eat is junk food .. there is no balance it's just one or the other because in our minds we can either be "good" or we can be "bad." This has to stop for our peace of mind. For our freedom. You can seriously have it all but an entire new mindset needs to happen. I'm not saying it will be easy.


There is a lot of UNLEARNING to do but I'm telling you when you are on the other side the freedom around food is the best feeling in the world. You realize you can travel, you can go out to eat, you can go to froyo, you can go to parties and social events, you can meet for drinks, and celebrate peoples birthdays ... you can do anything around food AND ENJOY yourself at the same time. You will know and trust yourself that you will fuel your body the way it is asking. Some days you will want more, some days it will want less, some days you may eat ice cream, some days you wont. I mean it's all a balance and when you can calm your mindset around this diet thing and learn to love yourself, love your body, and love your food your ENTIRE WORLD WILL CHANGE.


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With (body) love, Lauren

YES! I'm IN!

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