Deepen your SELF-LOVE; Change Your World- Learn how!

Body Love BOOK CLUBSO. A few years ago I was at a pretty low place in my life. I just went through a massive heartbreak after an 8 year relationship that ended and I felt depleted of love. ESPECIALLY SELF-LOVE. What I needed most during such a hard time in my life was learning to love myself. To feel empowered, to fill my soul, and to love me like I've never loved myself before. The problem was I didn't know at the time that self- love was what I needed and I also didn't know where to start. I ended up taking a course with my mentor and friend, Monika. One of the assignments was to create a project for an area in your life that needed attention. I immediately knew what my project was going to be. I called it the "Love Yourself Project."

This project changed my life... and you know where it all began? WITH BOOKS. It's so fascinating how the Universe works. I knew I wanted to read books to help me with my project but I was not familiar with any books about self-love. I didn't even know what it truly meant to love yourself because honestly I was such an asshole to myself.

One morning I was walking out of my kingdom (aka my yoga studio) and happened to look over at the table as I was walking out with books on it. One that was being displayed immediately caught my eye. It was called "The Mastery of Love" by Don Miguel Ruiz. I knew this was the first book I would read for my project. I turned around and went back to the counter to buy it- and that was that. The beginning to my journey of self-love and healing. And yes, the book opened my eyes up to a new world. It shifted my entire being... it changed my world.

THIS story right here is why I am adding in a Body Love Book Club into my Body Love Tribe Membership. I think it is a beautiful way to help women learn to love themselves, love their body, love their life, and honestly wake up everyday and know that they are going to be okay. That life is challenging but there is a way to manage it all. Body Love means LOVE IN ALL ASPECTS OF ONES LIFE. It's to love our physical, mental, and emotional body. A beautiful step to healing pain and shifting perspectives are reading BOOKS. What better way to read books than with your TRIBE! Each month we will pick a book to read and at the end of the month we will chat about what we learned and how we can apply it to our life. :)

Joining The Body Love Tribe Membership means soooooo much more than just a Body Love Book Club. That's just one part of what you get to be part of.

Also included is exclusive access to...

*Blogs *Vlogs *Body Love- tools and tips *1:1 support/ group coaching *Private FB group *Sisterhood *Body Love Products (ex. body love meal plan, BL shopping list, BL movement, E-books etc... *Helpful articles/ self love materials *In person meet up- 1/mo- (Sangria Night with the ladies, Coffee date, Hiking.. anything we prefer!)

*AND MORE with constant NEW material :) 

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With (body) love, Lauren

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