2 Books that will change your LIFE

I've been recommending these two books like crazy to all my friends, family, and clients so I figured what better than to blog about than the 2 books that I'm stoked about that have definitely impacted my life. Books are a beautiful way to pay it forward. I definitely teach what I learn but I feel you won't understand as well unless you read the book. It gives you a chance to have your own breakthroughs, thoughts, understanding, and experience.

There are times when I'm listening to a book and I swear I have "aha!" moments all the time. I feel like it wouldn't hit me as hard if I just head someone telling me what they learned.

Plus sometimes an "aha!" moment for someone can be a completely different than the one you experience. So in other words. Get the book; your mind will thank you!


So the 2 books that changed my life.....(and will change yours)


51OmgdrsNeL._AA160_#1 Intuitive Eating (Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch)

This book will teach you how to change your mindset with food.

It will help you realize that food is not the enemy. There are no "good" or "bad" foods.

All food is available to you.

You can eat whatever you want without even thinking about ruining your "diet."

You will learn how to stop dieting and start eating intuitively. You will listen to your body and honor your hunger.

You will start to realize which foods actually taste good to you and how your body feels after you eat.

You will be able to reduce your anxiety around food. You will be able to go out to eat and attend social activities without over doing it.

You will heal your relationship with food with tools and tips that you can work on daily.

It will help you get rid of that constant noise in your head that analyzes everything you put in your mouth. You'll also get rid of the guilt.

This book will help you find your way to freedom.

and much more...


51CxryCZ5hL._AA160_#2 The Slow Down Diet (Marc David)

This book teaches you about a whole new way of thinking when it comes to eating.

You will learn how to SLOW DOWN.

You will learn how to be in a state that will keep your digestive system working.

You will learn how to breathe to reduce stress which keeps the metabolism going.

You'll learn that feeling good is just as important as eating healthy. Mindset plays a big role.

You will learn more of the science behind our body and how it functions.

It will teach you that eating slow and being present without any distractions can help you with your body regardless of what you are eating.

and so much more...


I love these two books so much because they are seriously committed to a healthier lifestyle. It's not about a diet plan or specific rules. They are books that help you with your mindset around food and stray away from the diet mentality. They teach you about mindset. I love this way of living because it's something you can do for the rest of your life.

Food will always be around; it's our survival so we might as well have a healthy relationship with it.

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