10 Reasons To NEVER Diet

10 Reason to NEVER DietSo I recently read up on a diet that is popular in my circle of influence ...I am no one to judge. I've been on many diets in my past. You can read all the diets I tried in a previous blog that I wrote here. I am sitting here with a super pissed off feeling in my chest. For readers who know me I write when an emotion is triggered. So here it is.. The diet that pissed me off... I'm not going to name this diet because I don't want to bash on anyone who is doing this diet or the people who came out with this diet. They are entitled to their own opinion just like I am.. and here is why I completely disagree. First of all they tell you to weigh yourself weekly, track your food in a journal, weigh your food, they give you lists of food to be eaten at certain times. They tell you that you can eat meals you enjoy only on the weekends and if you were to gain any weight then immediately start back on the low calorie plan that Monday. They are teaching you that weekends are meant to "cheat" and week days are meant to stick to a plan. They also use words like you are "allowed" to eat these certain foods in moderation. What do you mean allowed? Wow. Not okay in my book. The list goes on and on.

Also let me tell you about a dessert that I tried last night. It's a very popular dessert in the fitness world. I decided I wanted to give it a try. Not going to lie, I was interested because of how low calorie it was. The ingredients were pretty healthy. I thought well I like healthy and if this tastes good why not give it a try. I went to the store with my boyfriend and we ended up getting 3 different flavors to try. I was excited to see what all the fuss was about. We sat down on the couch and put all 3 flavors in front of us to try. I dug into the first flavor and I must say it pretty much tasted like watered down diet ice cream. It had a very faint flavor and really took the fun out of the pleasure of ice cream. It actually made me sad that we as a society are so deprived of eating ice cream that we have to force ourselves to like something that honestly just doesn't taste good. This was a great lesson for me and my new life living in the Body Love world. If I were on one of my strict diets from my past this ice cream would have been heaven. I would have enjoyed every bite because it makes you think you are eating ice cream. It makes you feel like you are being "good" and not ruining your diet. I seriously tapped into myself when I had an eating disorder and I could literally see myself obsessing over this ice cream in the past. It literally made me feel sick. I felt upset. I was actually pissed at this ice cream. I didn't want to have any thing to do with it. Eating this brand made me feel like I'm doing something wrong in the world if I eat dessert. So we threw them away because it just wasn't for us. Now that I allow myself to eat what I want I would much rather enjoy a small amount of ice cream that tastes delicious. That satisfies me. That is part of the pleasure of being able to taste.

I read about this new diet fad and tasted this dessert obsession in the fitness world on the same day... I am grateful to experience these types of things because it keeps me so clear on my new life. My life that is SO OVER the diet world. I want to live my life and not have to obsess over the latest diet product. I honestly just want to eat with love, fuel my body with nutrition that makes me feel good, and eat with pleasure and satisfaction, with presence.

Here they are: The 10 reasons to NEVER diet.

  1. You don't have to lose the satisfaction, pleasure, social aspect and love when it comes to food.
  2. You don't have to trick your brain into eating food that you don't like.
  3. You can actually have a healthy life and enjoy your food.
  4. You can eat a special meal on a weekday and not even think about it.
  5. You don't need to label food as "good" and "bad."
  6. You can listen to your body and honor your hunger instead of eating on a planned schedule.
  7. You learn that the mental aspect of living a healthy active lifestyle is just as physical. Loving yourself for an hour is better than going to the gym for an hour and burning 1000 calories and hating yourself during the process.
  8. You actually get to find which foods YOU love. People forget what even tastes good to them until they allow themselves to find their creativity in food again.
  9. You never have to "start on Monday" ever again. A weekend, a Monday, a Wednesday, any day for that matter are all the same. You just get to live.
  10. You learn to become present while eating. You don't have to mindlessly eat anymore. You can sit down, focus, and enjoy. Eating gets to be fun, enjoyable, satisfying, and pleasurable.


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