This Quote Made Me Feel Sick- Read Why.

_DSC1173This one struck a cord in me. I was scrolling through Facebook and there it was; "Beware of "Love Your Body" offerings that also sell weight loss." It gave me a sick feeling in my stomach. I felt guilt, I felt sadness. When something triggers an emotion in me I write here you go, I must blog about this. So for one I totally get it. I actually agree with this quote but only to a certain extent. Yes I don't approve of "love your body" and then you get on a calorie restrictive diet. Now that's not body love at all. Obviously this quote struck something inside of me because I almost felt like it was an attack on me. I am someone who is body love, body positive, body confidence; I'm all about that life. But there is a but.....

I do 100% back up my nutrition company. I totally agree with fueling my body with healthy nutrition; sometimes that may come in a form of a healthy meal shake. So before I go into why I agree with my products I love, I want to dip a little bit into the grey area.

I'm am constantly checking myself. I check myself to make sure my "Body Love" brand is always coming from a place of authenticity. I want to make sure I am promoting the love your body, love yourself world as well as mixing in why it makes sense to fuel your body with healthy nutrition and moving your body with love.

I don't think that loving yourself and loving your body would be neglecting yourself of vitamins and minerals and moving your body to maintain a healthy heart and a life full of vitality. That is absolutely self love in my book. My grey area is to stay away from promoting restricting calories, counting calories, talking about weight loss, glorifying a certain body type, etc.

It's interesting that once someone truly begins to love themselves, look in the mirror and stop judging their bodies and say nice things to themselves, eat food that is satisfying, honoring your hunger, eat with love and let go of the guilt, moving your body in  ways that you love rather than what you don't enjoy, listing to your body and eating with intuition, staying present, eating foods that make you feel good and energized, eating with balance ....having a positive experience with the mind, body, and soul. That is the body love lifestyle.

Along with "Love Your Body" I also want to empathize health and nutrition. Like everything I believe balance is key. Balance in food, balance in fitness, balance in your work load and social life, balance in drinking alcohol, balance in relationships...and of course balance in body love. Just because you are pro body positive doesn't mean you can't drink a healthy shake in the morning that gives you an awesome burst of vitamins and minerals to get your day started.

You can really drink the shake whenever you please. Breakfast, lunch, dinner's significantly better to drink a tasty shake than skip a meal or drive through fast food in my opinion. As long as you are using the nutrition and fitness with the right mindset and an intention with the body positive movement I feel confident in my way of Body Love coaching. I believe working with people's mindset and emotions around dieting is how one can heal their negative relationship with food and find a place of peace. To find freedom they are so desperately trying to find. I know this because I've been through it. I'm not just speaking out of my butt, I'm actually speaking from experience.

The self love, the easing of the ego, the standing strong in my truth, the worthiness, the strength to let go of the stigma that skinny is the only way to be accepted and beautiful, it's hard work, it's a challenge, but it's so worth it. I still want to be healthy, I still want to workout, I still want to feel confident in my body; the difference will be what the mind is telling you. The difference will be that the voices inside your head won't be so loud, you actually will have kind voices instead of the ass hole that's been there for so many years. You will have found your source. Where there is love, there is body love too.

If you want to STOP with all the non sense, eat what you freaking want, and still love your body then feel free to set up a free 1:1 body love coaching session. Feel me out, get my vibe, and see if we make a match, because I don't just work with everyone.

Yes! I want Body Love!

With an extreme amount of (body) love, Lauren


Copyright 2016 Lauren McAulay