A Message to Those Who Skip Breakfast (or who don't have the time)

 A message to those...Soooo you skipped breakfast, again. No worries and no judgement from this girl! In the past I skipped meals all the time. I did have a severe eating disorder but hey I was skipping meals left and right. I want to reach out to those of you who skip breakfast or those of you who say you don't have the time to eat.

I know, I know. You've heard it 1000 times, "breakfast is the important meal of the day." Although I do believe eating breakfast is important I'm not necessarily making that the point of this blog.

I'm just going to say this to get it out of the way... eating breakfast is important because it gets your metabolism going in the morning. You are literally (breaking the fast!) Get it!? Eating breakfast also fills you so you can be held over until your mid morning snack/lunch. It also can sway you from binging. You know the feeling when you haven't eaten all day because you don't think you are hungry and then you realize at some point you are ravenous and literally you can't even stand another second without eating and that first bite of food is as if you can't shovel in the food fast enough and then like 10 minutes later you realize how much you ate and how stuffed you feel. You feel me? Another thing that breakfast will do for you is give you the energy to get through your morning ... this could be a hectic morning at work or a big exam you have at school or just getting the kids situated and taken care of. Whatever it may be, you will have the energy! Okay so there are many reasons why breakfast is so important.... so here is my biggest reason for eating breakfast myself.

I DON'T HAVE TO THINK ABOUT IT. Eating breakfast is on auto pilot for me. And that my friends (in my opinion) is the reason most people either skip breakfast or "don't have the time" for breakfast. It's not because they don't like it or they don't have 2 minutes to make something it's because most people don't want to even have to think about what to make for themselves in the morning when they wake up and are in a rush with 1000 other things on their brain. To most people, food comes last when it comes to their priorities in the morning.... am I right?

I've been having the same breakfast for 4 years. Not because I force myself, not because I think it's something I have to dFullSizeRender-21o or just something that is healthy and good for me. I'll give you my opinion and facts on my breakfast in a minute but let me just get this straight before I do that. I've been having my Herbalife shake for the last 4 years because honestly it's EASY. It's something I don't have to think about. It's one meal out of the day where I know exactly what I'm having. It's such a peaceful thought compared to all my other thoughts I have when I wake up and get ready for my day. I literally wake up think about all the stuff I get to do, I get out the door to walk my puppy Chai so we can both get our workout in, simultaneously listening to personal development, thinking about all the social media marketing I get to do for one of my jobs, running my own business, taking care of Chai, getting ready, and so on and so on... it can get pretty crazy up there in my noggin. The one thing that I fly by with a breeze is my breakfast. Even if I only have 2 minutes to run in the kitchen I know exactly what I'm having to get out the door. Not only is it amazing to be able to not have to think of what I'm having for breakfast I also know how much I enjoy it, how great it tastes, that it will actually fill me up, AND it's healthy. Win, win, and win!

So some facts (you know I had to go there.) The shake is 200 calories, 24g of protein, and has 100% of your vitamins and minerals. It is a complete healthy meal replacement. Let me get this straight again. I do not drink these with the main intention to lose weight. If it happens then great that means my body is just getting the right nutrition. I also do not promote dieting or counting calories, or writing food logs, or restricting food, or skipping meals and drinking shakes all day long. No, no, no, no, no! I drink these shakes because I want to. They fuel my body, they give me healthy nutrition, they make me feel good, they make me feel energized, they help me actually EAT breakfast every morning, they taste freaking delicious, they come in a bunch of different flavors so I never get bored. I mean the reasons why I drink these shakes are endless.

I am for body love, self love, loving your food, loving your life, moving your body how you like to, being social and enjoying the pleasures of food, eating with intuition, eating mindfully, choosing what makes you feel good, trusting your body, listening to your body, eating with love, focusing on a happy soul rather than your body image, throwing your scale away (the number doesn't determine your worth!), being grateful for your body rather than hating on it, to truly stop dieting and start living.

Drinking a shake in the morning is not a diet for me. It's a lifestyle. I incorporate it with snacks and meals throughout the day...sometimes I eat more, sometimes I eat less, sometimes I eat more carbs, sometimes I eat less carbs, sometimes I eat out, sometimes I pack my meals and cook at home, sometimes I skip dessert, sometimes I eat it almost every night, sometimes I eat a bunch of veggies, sometimes I don't have any veggies that day, sometimes I eat froyo, sometimes I don't want froyo. Sometimes I eat smaller snacks all day, sometimes I eat bigger meals. Sometimes I drink coffee with my tea, sometimes I just feel like tea... I can keep going if you want. It really doesn't matter. I don't have the perfect system. i just listen to what my body wants and what I know will make me feel good. This is not the diet life. This is a life full of freedom. It all starts with waking up every morning and starting my day with my shake... just because I want to.

So there you have it. To all you "breakfast skippers" this was for you :)

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With (body) love, Lauren

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