Feeling Uncomfortable in Your Own Skin and Don't Know What To Do?

Feeling uncomfortable in your own skin but don't know what do_This is something that a majority of the population of women feel. They are uncomfortable in their own skin but CANNOT face another diet that just doesn't work. I know what you mean I've been there. But I've also been in a place where I just don't feel comfortable in my own skin and I couldn't go back on another "diet." My diets fluctuated between extreme restriction, anorexia, bulimia, and orthorexia so I GET IT. Sometimes I find myself in a place where I see things on social media with women looking extremely fit and lean and I think that I have to go back to some dieting techniques to get that body. My body image and food ego kicks in and is telling me that I need to do more. I need to look fitter, I need to lean out, I need to not eat certain foods. You know what that is? Complete bull shit. We don't need to look a certain way, pressure ourselves to lose weight, hate your body and go on a diet because somehow that will magically make you happier. It's just a bunch of crap. Diets clearly don't work.

So you are feeling uncomfortable in your own skin and you don't know what to do? Here is what you do. STOP IT. No more diets. Stop the calorie counting, food logs, obsessive thinking, restricting, making foods "good" or "bad", eating and then feeling guilty. Just throw that all out the window. Your first step to a life you can live with freedom is going on a self-love journey. Once you begin to fall in love with yourself, do kind things for yourself, work on your emotional core, that is when your obsession with the diet world will end. You will wake up one day and realize you didn't even think about the food you ate the day before. You will realize your body is finding its natural weight. That you aren't yo-yo'ing anymore.

Another news flash. Being overweight is not about the food. It has never been about the food. Food is just something that you use to deal with emotions (positive or negative). It's your "drug" of choice. Some people turn to food, some turn to actual drugs, some turn to alcohol, there are so many different ways people cope with emotions and with life. Food is just part of coping. When someone is overweight it doesn't always mean it's because they love food and just eat too much. Most people on the planet LOVE food. I love food. If someone tells me they want to lose weight I don't directly go to their meal plan; I don't even have a specific meal plan. I get to their core. I find out what kind of pain that they are in. I help them find different ways to cope instead of using food. I help them love themselves, be kind and gentle. I don't just tap into the emotional side of food. I also tap into the intuitive side.

I know for a fact that diets don't work. But I do know what works. That is intuitive eating, mindful eating, and living a balanced life. I've learned that nothing with extremes can be maintained for life. Eating with intuition has everything to do with listening to your body. It doesn't mean that you just get to eat whatever the heck you want and say "but my body wanted it." If you were really listening and tapping into how your body was feeling then you could make your decisions based on that. If your body feels energized and at its optimal best after an entire bag of candy or a pizza to yourself then go for it. But I could probably imagine what your body is feeling after that. I'm guessing not so great and you are ready for a nap. So here is how intuitive eating can be maintained for life.

I'll use myself as an example. I usually wake up in the mornings and my body wants a Herbalife shake because it makes me feel good. For snack I'll eat a protein bar or nuts. Lunch I could do a turkey sandwich wrapped up in a whole wheat tortilla. All sounds pretty healthy so far right? Yes it is and it makes me feel great. Then for dinner I might be planning teriyaki chicken with brown rice and veggies for dinner.  You're probably like "wow Lauren this is so great it seems like you are on a diet." Nope! I'm a sweets girl so normally I like to eat them after dinner. Now instead of restricting I allow myself ice cream or any sweet I have around the house. You know why? Because my body wants it and I know how to listen when my body is finished. I don't need to eat a whole pint of ice cream because I know this is available to me whenever I want. If my family has a birthday party and we go out to Mexican I'll get an enchilada with rice and beans because that's what I love. I eat a slice of pizza if that's what is offered. I get froyo with all the toppings at times. The difference is that I choose healthy foods because they make me feel great and I want to maintain my health from the inside out but now I will eat anything. Not all the time but there isn't anything off limits now. All food is available to me. Your body will find it's natural weight. You will be at a place where your body wont change because the consistency is what matters.

This is how I know I can be free for the rest of my life. This is how I want to coach people for the rest of my life. I'm all about healthy nutrition, eating sweets, enjoying life, moving my body, taking a rest at times, and of course BODY LOVE.

If you think you've tried every diet out there and decide to just quit the diet world all together I support you and I'm here to help you transition to the world of intuition and Body Love!

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With (body) love, Lauren

2016 Copyright Lauren McAulay