Quitting The Diet World Does Not Mean Quitting Healthy Nutrition

Quiting the diet world does not mean quitting healthy nutritionThere's a difference. *Dieting (in my opinion)- Restricting calories, eating food you think you have to instead of want to, using the terms "good" or "bad" while eating certain foods, being extreme with food, working out just to burn calories, counting calories, obsessing over weight, writing food logs, having your weight yoyo (gain 10lbs, lose 10lbs), skipping social events so you aren't tempted by food, something that cannot be maintained for life.

*Healthy nutrition (in my opinion)- Choosing foods that make you feel good, that give you energy, that tastes good. Food that is colorful. Being able to eat intuitively and give your body what it is asking for, stopping when you are full. Get creative with food. Taste different flavors of the world. Being mindful and present when you eat. Eating foods that serve your highest good (and yes sometimes that is a cup of froyo). Being able to balance your life with food. Eating with love. Being able to maintain this lifestyle forever.

I choose to eat foods that make my body feel good, I also choose to eat food that fills my soul. Sweets are a favorite of mine. Because I don't diet anymore I know my limit when I choose to eat treats or indulge in something decadent. I am able to feel when my body has had enough and I've also learned to eat with love and not with guilt. I still believe in treating my body with the most respect it deserves so that means fueling it properly. Loving my body means to give it the vitamins and minerals it craves. AND the sweets and foods that I love. It's all a balance. Once you find your groove your body finds its natural weight. This is what works for me, maybe not everyone, and that's totally fine. We all are different. I choose to enjoy life and stop obsessing ... I choose freedom.

**(Pictured) Every morning I wake up and make my Herbalife shake. I don't drink this shake to lose weight, to restrict calories, or because I feel that I have to. I choose to drink this shake because I want to. For me, it makes my body feel good. I know it's giving me all of my vitamins and minerals, my protein, and most important it tastes delicious. I love blending it up super thick to make it like ice cream.**

I'm telling you this because just because I decided to quit the diet world doesn't mean I don't promote feeling your best and fueling your body with healthy nutrition. It also doesn't mean that I stopped drinking my Herbalife shakes, tea, aloe, and vitamins. I will do that for the rest of my life. I help people every single day with loving their body, loving themselves, and loving their food, which also incorporates Herbalife nutrition if they choose. Herbalife is one of the biggest reasons I was led to a path to end my relationship with the diet/ eating disorder world. It taught me about health not about dieting.

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With (body) love, Lauren lauren.cherry.mcaulay@gmail.com


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