I Quit The Diet World

I quit the diet world.The day I decided to quit the diet world is the day I truly began to start living....
There was a time in my life when I fell victim to the eating disorder world. I felt like a prisoner, a slave in my own body. If you are someone who can relate... restricting calories, abusing the gym and over working out, constant thoughts of food, obsessive thoughts about negative body image, body checking, comparing yourself to others... literally feeling like you will never be able to find freedom from this sick way of living...
let me tell you that braving the storm, healing, getting help, and starting your journey to self-love is 100% possible for you too.
Imagine a world where you wake up, do what you love, and can't even remember what you ate for lunch because it wasn't even on your mind. It's something small, but it's massive in the recovery world.
I'm here for you .. here to spread body love and let you know it's possible to get your life back.
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With loads and loads of (body) love, Lauren

photo credit: Renee Moorà Ferri


2016 Copyright Lauren McAulay