The Body Love PIN it to WIN it Contest: FREE Gift Giveaway

Body-8Today's blog is going to be a short one but it's an exciting one! I am running a Body Love PIN it to WIN it CONTEST! I am going to be giving away FREE body love gifts ....why? Just because I love you :) Here is what you could win...WIN FREE GIFTS This one brings me so much joy! I actually made a personalized "The Body Love Tribe" mug designed by me. The reason I chose this as one of my gift giveaways is because for some reason I love mugs. There is something about sitting down with a hot cup of coffee or tea that gives me a good vibe. Especially when it's in a mug that inspires me or makes me feel love. It's not just any mug, I love to use mugs from people that gave it to me because it reminds me of them or mugs with pretty designs or inspiring words. I've been thinking how I wanted to create my own line of Body Love I actually created one! I am so excited to give it away! I hope it brings someone love and joy when they sit down with it <3

Enter the Body Love PIN it to WIN it contest!-1The second item that's included in the gift give away is my absolute FAVORITE skin line. I am going to be giving away a 7 day SKIN kit which samples everything that I love and use everyday. I believe that body love comes in all forms. I believe in loving yourself, nurturing yourself, being kind to yourself, loving your body, loving your food, and part of all of this is treating your skin with love. I am all about nourishing and loving your mind, body, and soul.

The contest is only running for a LIMITED time so sign up and enter to win NOW!

Sending you so much (body) LOVE! xoxo Lauren