22 Ways to STOP dieting and START living

22 Ways to STOP dieting & START living-2
1. Stop reading nutrition facts
Start reading personal development
2. Stop working out to burn calories
Start working out for vitality
3. Stop looking in the mirror to judge yourself
Start looking in the mirror and say what you love about yourself
4. Stop counting calories
Start eating food that makes your body feel good
5. Stop restricting food
Start adding in food
6. Stop following social media accounts that cause self judgement
Start following body positive social media accounts
7. Stop wearing uncomfortable clothes that make you feel bad about yourself
Start wearing comfortable clothes that make you feel confident
8. Stop comparing yourself to others, you don't know the battle they are facing
Start accepting every part of who you are.
9. Stop seeking validation from others
Start believing you are whole and worthy as you are
10. Stop running if you hate it
Start walking if you love it
11. Stop going to the gym if you hate it
Start going to yoga if you love it
12. Stop eating bland meals if they are not appealing
Start getting creative in the kitchen
13. Stop restricting carbs if you love them
Start making homemade sweet potato fries because they are bomb.com
14. Stop eating plain bananas
Start putting nut butter on that lonely piece of fruit
15. Stop fearing the egg yolk
Start eating the full egg (we all know its deelish)
16. Stop waiting to lose 10lbs before you get in that bathing suit
Start embracing your curves
17. Stop drinking plain water if you get bored with it
Start adding cucumber/ lemon, berries, aloe, or get some with bubbles
18. Stop working somewhere that you hate
Start looking for a job you love
19. Stop eating food you think you have to eat
Start eating food that you want to eat.
20. Stop eating food that makes you feel hate and frustration
Start eating foods that make you feel love and satisfaction
21. Strop making yourself wrong for eating dessert
Start going out for froyo dates
22. Stop dieting
Start living

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