How Working Out Less Changed my Life


Let's talk about working out. I know I write a lot about intuitive eating, mindful eating, balance etc… but what about working out.

I want to write about what I've learned…. I've always grown up around fitness. I played sports my whole life and a majority of that meant doing a lot of fitness. When I was a little kid I was always active and never knew what working out was because I was just active because I loved it. It wasn't work to me. In high school I abused working out and I only did it to burn calories due to years of an eating disorder. I was still playing sports during that time but I always hit the gym. When I went to college I played soccer so I was forced to kill myself during my workouts because being fit was required. We were timed on everything so there was no other choice but to make the cut.

Once I graduated from college I no longer had any "obligation" to workout because my soccer career was over and there was no forced fitness anymore. A few months after graduating that's when I got into health coaching. For the last 4 years I've made it a regiment to workout 5-6 times a week.. It was a want to but at the same time it was a have to. If I didn't workout I would feel guilty. I would feel guilty for not working out but also for eating food if I didn't workout.

In the past 6 months as I've really been transitioning into the intuitive eating world I've experienced freedom and peace around food. It's been liberating. But still I was working out every single morning because I felt that I needed to workout. I started experimenting with different classes which was a positive step in the right direction because I could choose to do a harder workout at times or more of a relaxed workout. In the past I didn't consider a workout a workout unless I was left exhausted, drenched in sweat, and was pushed to my limits.

So up until the past few months that has been my life in the workout world.

I want to talk about what I've experienced in the past few months that has been such a relief on my body, mind, and soul. Just like eating intuitively I wanted to start taking on working out intuitively. So that's just what Ive been doing.

I cancelled all my gym memberships and decided to wake up and choose what I truly wanted to do that day to move my body.

I have worked out less than I ever have in the past 3 months and I feel amazing. That doesn't mean I don't move my body everyday, I'm talking about taking a break from the forced workouts, the push it to the limit workouts. I am absolutely 100% in favor of workouts like that. I still love to get that workout adrenaline, I love doing spartan races, I love challenging myself but I'm talking about the everyday type of working out.

I still believe in being active its incredibly good for the heart. I wake up and move with Chai every morning. Sometimes I just take a walk, sometimes I run, sometimes I go to the stairs, sometimes I do a mini circuit workout. Sometimes I go on a long hike. Sometimes I do a spartan race. Sometimes I don't workout at all. The point is depending on how my body is feeling that's how I choose what I want to do to move. For now I think this is whats right for me to heal my past with working out. I want to have a completely new relationship with working out. I want to do it because I love it and it makes me feel good. I want to feel good about choosing to go on a walk and not feel bad for not choosing a workout that kicks my butt. I want to workout hard when I want and take a rest when I want. I want to choose the things that I love. I want to use my intuition to workout.

I believe that everyone has a different way of working out. There is not one certain way that we all have to do it to be healthy or get results or whatever it is that you desire. You get to choose what works best for you.. If you choose to do what you love your body will feel good, there will be positive emotions surging through your body. It will be healthy and happy. When you are in a state of love, happiness, health, joy, and flow your body will find its balance. You will never have to force yourself to diet or workout again. Intuition is powerful. You just get to listen.

This is my truth.

xoxo Lauren <3

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