Shift Your Perspective


I want to talk about shifting your perspective because it might possibly change your entire life with one slight shift.

Most women believe in the I'll be happy when, I'll wear that when, I'll go out with my friends when, I'll eat that dessert when, I'll go out for my favorite dinner when, I'll enjoy a beach day when, I'll wear that outfit when, I'll wear that bathing suit when, I'll start dating I ringing a bell? I can keep going but I'm pretty sure we get the picture .....

Sorry to say but all this "I'll do it when ..." stuff is you literally watching your life pass before your eyes. Things that you could be doing in your life that give you extreme joy but you put it on hold because you're waiting to hit your goal weight, to fit in that dress, to feel "worthy."

I literally wasted so many important events in my life just to have the "perfect body" for an event I felt that I needed to look good for. For some reason if I had to wear a dress I felt like I needed to hardcore diet 2-3 weeks before. When I say diet I mean not eat for a few weeks. Oh and not to mention that I would workout so much that I would burn off more calories than I would eat that day. I ruined so many high school dances because I would strive for skin and bones that I was so miserable I didn't even enjoy any of the events I was at. I ruined my senior prom because I was so on edge from depleting my body, I ruined my graduation because the only thoughts in my head were if I looked like a stick. If I starved myself and got the body I thought would make me worthy I was miserable...if I didn't look like skin and bones I was miserable. So it seems to me like either way I was miserable .....

So this is when a shift in perspective comes into play....

We think that losing the weight, getting that body that we believe we want is all that it takes to be happy for the rest of our lives but as I experienced that's not true. It didn't matter if I was skinny, not skinny, super fit, had abs, dropped 10lbs, could fit in a size 2. I still was miserable.

What I didn't know at the time is that I needed to work on my insides. I needed to get to the bottom of why I felt so unworthy, why I had so much hatred for myself, why I was so cruel to my body...I needed to do the work from the inside out. I needed to start with self love rather than getting in the gym and eating less food. If I dealt with my emotions and came from a space of love I wouldn't have needed to use my control with food and working out to push all the pain away.

My point is that if you are someone who is struggling with food ...if it consumes your life... If you use negative comments towards yourself and body... If you are on a restrict and binge cycle ...if you eat with guilt, if you eat when stressed, if you feel hopeless and feel as if this will consume your thoughts forever .... I promise you by shifting your perspective and coming from a place of love, by working through your emotions, by seeking help, by giving yourself a break and sending kindness to every cell of your body, that's when your body will respond. That's when your body will feel balanced and start to regulate. That's when your body will reach it's natural weight. That's when your body will start shedding all the shit that you've held onto for so long.

It is definitely easier said than done but if you just trust the process you will find peace. You will find freedom.

Body Freedom Project starts January 4th. Email for details 💌

So much love,

Lauren ❤️

2015 Copyright Lauren McAulay