The Body Love Project


I am so excited to announce that I will be running a Body Love Project starting January 2016. I am extremely passionate about helping women break free from the obsession around diet and fitness world. As human beings we are not meant to obsess over food and working out. We do not need to obsess over calories and nutrition facts. It saddens my heart and soul to think one more girl/ woman on this planet will suffer from an eating disorder that is 100% preventable. Society, rules, restrictions, body image, body shamming, right wrong, bad good, is the culprit. It is my mission to help women learn to love themselves and obsess over their dreams rather than obsess over their body. As a human race we deserve to feel comfortable in our own skin and live life freely.

I am a self love and body freedom advocate! Here to help you break free and learn how to eat mindfully and use your intuition. No more diets, no more food logs, no more disordered eating, no more obsessive thoughts. MIND, BODY, SOUL health! Are you ready to break free?

Join the Body Love Project this January 2016!

Example of what the course entails:

-4 weeks *Week 1: Love Yourself, Love Your Body, Love Your Food *Week 2: Body Love "Meal Plan" and Shopping List *Week 3: Move Your Body with Love *Week 4: Love Letters

-Private Facebook group -1 hr Zoom calls Mondays from 730-830pm PST -1:1 support -6 day Body Freedom Breakfast Pack -Body Love Sangria Night with the tribe of women!Body Love

**$25 introductory price***12417826_10154588573939460_1572033246621714792_n

I am so excited to work with you and create a magical tribe of women who support, love, and break free ♥

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If you have any questions please email me at:

Peace, Love, and Balance, xoxo Lauren


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