Live on an Island and Learn to Love 

 We constantly judge ourselves by looking left and right. What if we lived in a world where lean enough, fit enough, healthy enough didn't exist. We live in this world where being perfect is the only way we can accept ourselves. I say fuck that. I want to live in a body positive world where we listen to our bodies and eat what makes us feel good. Eat to fuel, energize, and nourish. Not to restrict, lose weight, and obsess. I'm so over it. Food and fitness does not need to take over our thoughts. How about fueling your dreams and doing what you love. How about spending time with family and enjoy food together. How about getting a delicious cup of froyo because you feel like it. I'm over the rules. I just want to live. But seriously. If you were stranded on a island alone would you even care about what your body looked like? Maybe if you stopped judging yourself you wouldn't care what other people think about you and you won't have to compare yourself to others. Life is so much sweeter when you love yourself and free your body from judgement 💜 

It's time to find your freedom. 

I offer 1:1 coaching and group coaching. Both amazing options to get your life back. 

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