Hey there, I'm Lauren!


I help women BREAK FREE from the soul-sucking diet world.


. Women who love to drink wine with their girlfriends and catch up on life and eat froyo while watching their favorite Netflix series.


. Who hate waking up on a Monday morning into ANOTHER diet for the 453837192398236 time.


. Who need some freakin sanity in this crazy world of "perfect bodies are the only bodies that are accepted."


. Who crave a life of ADVENTURE and seek HAPPINESS and LOVE.


. Who can’t figure out how to feel comfortable in their own skin, eat what they want, and never diet again!


. Who struggle with wanting to be thin but wanting that piece of cake in front of them.


. Who secretly yearn to screw the egg whites and spinach for breakfast, I'm headed to the donut shop!


. Who are looking for a way OUT and just haven't figured it out because you've tried EVERYTHING!


. Who desperately want to find a peace of mind around food and gain FREEDOM in their body image and self love.


. Who are totally over starving themselves with crap diet food and slaving at the gym to never feel good aboutyourself anyways.


. Who are totally into throwing away your scales, food logs, counting calories, and obsessing over tracking your steps everyday.


. Who are totally ready to BANISH the diet world once and for all and start LIVING!



I help women ....


. Have more self love & body love, while sprinkling in a little self nurture & happiness.


. Get more confidence and belief, while making it feel like a breathe of fresh air.


. Deal with their body image issues, while getting more and more tools on how to conquer negative self talk.


. Get exactly what they want, which is eating food without thinking about calories or weight or judgement; FREEDOM.


. Bring more positive self talk into their lives.


. Turn body hate into body love.


. Resolve dieting and self hate, once + for all.






I’ve got...

A bachelors degree in Health Education from San Francisco State University

6 years experience in Health Coaching

Completed Spirit Junkie Master Class Level 1 with Gabrielle Bernstein

Lifetime of experience in the ED, diet, & Body Love/ Body Positive world

And when I’m not working on my Body Love coaching, writing blogs, creating content, and posting on social media, I can be found...


*Obsessing over my 2 rescue pups Chai and Livie.

*Watching Netflix with my sweet husband.

*Texting my hilarious group of girlfriends who live around the globe.

*Having a sushi date with my mom followed by a mani/ pedi.

*Writing/ journaling- so healing. 

*Walking my pups, going to my local coffee shop/ yoga studio for a little zen. 

*LOVE TO TRAVEL. My latest trip was to Punta Cana with my husband for our honeymoon. It was beautiful and relaxing! 


If you’re dying to know more, here are 10 things you don’t know about me...

1. I played soccer from 4 years old all the way through college at San Francisco State University until I was 22.

2. I love to get creative! Abstract painting in particular.

3. I have tattoos! My favorite is a sunflower mandala on my forearm.... I only regret a couple ;) (oh, the college life)

4. I love fresh flowers. Sunflowers are my favorite as I'm sure you guessed.

5. I absolutely LOVE laughing until I cry. Those are the best memories.

6. I LOVE babies. I can't wait to have a family of my own someday (in the near future!)

7. I'm super allergic to cats.

8. My favorite places to get work done are in coffee shops. The vibe, the energy, the creativity. It's so beautiful. Not to mention that delicious cup of coffee... Can you smell it??

9. The best invention ever made are yoga jeans. I live in workout clothes, so now that I can wear yoga pants that look like I'm wearing actual jeans has me set for life.

10. I named my dog Chai after my favorite tea and my dog Livie after my favorite character on Netflix, Olivia Pope in Scandal. (Left: Livie Right: Chai)


I am so excited to work with you and welcome you with open arms... just to get a little serious and to truly let you know how I work with my body love ladies ....When I work with my body love ladies, I don't focus on their weight. I focus on their pain. I dive deep into their souls and work with parts of their life that get to be healed. It's never about the food. Food is just used as a physical form to hide our darkness. It's soul work that gets to be done. I love what I do.


I went from a life of eating disorders, self hate, body hate, unworthiness to having a great relationship with food, loving myself self, loving my body, and knowing my worth. I've been there so I can be here for you now. I promise my love, I have your back.

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Here's to breaking free from the diet world and entering the Body Love World!

xoxo Lauren

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