Lauren McAulay

Hi Lovely! I'm a Body Love & Intuitive Eating Coach. I'm here to help you feel at peace.


Work With Me

I am the co-founder of The Body Love Society, a group coaching program that helps women feel good in their body and free around food.

My lovely business partner, Jenna Free, co-coaches this program with me which creates a beautiful dynamic! We also have a 2:1 mentorship program. 

We help you with: 

+ The ability to eat whatever you want and feel great doing it

+ Freedom from the diet mindset and food rules

+ Being able to go out for dinner with your friends and not stress about the calories

+ Feeling comfortable in your body and in your clothes (regardless of the size)

+ Discover who you are without the constant quest for weight loss

+ Only do movement you actually like

+ Cultivate happiness in the life you have NOW

+And much more... 



You guys have changed my life is so many ways.
— Karen
I feel like I am intuitively eating now, thanks to this program [The Body Love Society].
— Misty
I have been told several times lately about how happy I look. I must have looked dreadfully unhappy while dieting.
— Brandi

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